Character(s) of the Year Book Tag

Hey guys! This is a super interesting tag in that it highlights our favorite characters of the year! Often times, when you love a book, the characters within it’s story have something to do with that- whether they are the main character, or a totally relate-able sidekick that just ties the whole book together, characters have a huge impact on your reaction to a book. This tag allows us to highlight the best of those characters :]

I was tagged by Erica over @ Living a Hundred Lives. If you haven’t already, you absolutely MUST check out her page. Her reviews are thorough and honest, which I absolutely love.

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  1. Favorite Male Character of the Year 

Peter Kavinsky from Always and Forever, Lara Jean (Jenny Han)

^ totally stealing Erica’s answer for this. I mean, COME ON, how can you not be in love with Peter? 

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  1. Favorite Female Character of the Year

Ada from The War that Saved My Life (Kimberley Brubaker Bradley). She was so brave and smart. Regardless of the severe neglect and abuse she received as a young child, she still was able to show love and compassion in the end, and overcome the feeling that she wasn’t worthy of those things.

  1. Most Relatable Character of the Year

This is hard because I don’t know that I can say for sure that I related to any particular character this year. I certainly enjoyed books, their stories and the characters within them, but I cannot say for certain that I could relate to anyone in particular this year. 

  1. Couple of the Year

Peter K. & Lara Jean in P.S. I Still Love You (Jenny Han). I don’t even care if I keep repeating myself. Honestly, Peter K is boyfriend goals. He is so observant, and I find that extremely attractive. He never puts any pressure on Lara Jean, he defends her, and people he cares about, and all around is just a good guy. Throughout the series this relationship is put through the ringer. I love how they develop as a couple over the course of these three books, but especially in the 2nd one, because- well I won’t give away anything else, but, you’ll see what I mean. Go read this series. It is wonderful.

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  1. Villain of the Year

I’ve got a repeat here, but, the Mom from The War That Saved My Life (Kimberley Brubaker Bradley). Like what? HOW CAN YOU BE CRUEL TO CHILDREN?!? It is not their fault that your husband died, so neglecting, belittling and abusing these mere children isn’t going to change anything. Deff. most cringe-worthy scene at the end of this book with the mother.

  1. Most Disliked Character of the Year

Daisy from Turtles All the Way Down (John Green). Gosh she was so selfish and insensitive towards Aza that it made any scenes with her difficult to read through. 

  1. Royal of the Year

Wow! I actually did not real any books that featured royals this year. I am going to stretch this a little bit and say the nice girl who played the princess in the Renaissance Fair in All’s Faire in Middle School by Victoria Jamieson. 

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She was the real MVP, mostly because despite Imogene’s automatic dislike of her (for dating the cute Knight shes had a crush on forever), she is endlessly kind, and teaches Imogene more than just chemistry. 

  1. Sidekick / Non Main Character of the Year

Aech from Ready Player One (Ernest Cline). I loved this character throughout, but even more so at the end. Cline created such a genuine friend for Wade that it was hard not to take notice.

  1. Sibling of the Year

Flora and Julian in Forever or a Long Long Time (Caela Carter). Much like the brother/sister in The War that Saved my Life- Flora and Julian have been through some really tough stuff. They have their disagreements and fights (like siblings do) but they always have each other’s backs no matter what. They look out for each other, help each other grow, and come out with an even stronger relationship than what they started with. It was a toss up for me, for this section, but since I already mentioned WTSML twice, I figured this one could go to someone else. 

  1. Free Choice Award: create your own award!

Character Who Influenced the Most Emotional Reaction this Year:

Starr from The Hate U Give (Angie Thomas). No shame in this one. I am a super emotional person, and cry practically at the drop of every hat known to man, but this one sparked the most feels for me this year. I was angry, I was frustrated, upset, scared, and completely drained by the end. Even though I could not personally relate to this character, I felt her pain, and really wanted to help do something about it for her, and people like her. The way this character was written has mad Angie Thomas an automatic must read author- so needless to say I am very much looking forward to her new book in 2018 titled On the Come Up.

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Erica wasn’t kidding, this was truly pretty difficult! I hope that you have more luck with filling it in than I did! 

Because I was actually tagged for this particular one, and did not just steal it from another person’s page, I find it fair to tag others to try it out. 

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And obviously everyone else who liked this specific tag and wants to try it themselves, PLEASE feel free to tag yourself (and tag me so I can see your responses!)

8 thoughts on “Character(s) of the Year Book Tag

  1. The only one I’ve read is RPO and I agree with your nomination of Aech! I am SO excited for the movie. I hope it does justice to the book because it’s really one of my favs. Awesome list!

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