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I have come to realize in my short time here in the blogging universe, that book blogging is much more than just writing about books you’ve read. There are many elements that go into being a successful book blogger, and  I am still learning what they are!

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What I have noticed though is a strong book blogger has an equally strong online presence. That means more than just posting every couple days on your own blog. It means what we refer to as “blog hopping,” commenting and participating with our community through their blogs as well. And that is not all! It also means further interaction with our community through multiple social media platforms.

Personally, I have put off the multi-media presence, mostly because I have been trying hard to limit my own personal presence online. But I have decided to indulge those who are interested in other platforms today. Listed are the various other social media websites/apps that I am on at the moment. Feel free to follow those as you please :]

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Facebook– While I will not link my personal Facebook, I am sure it is only too easy to find it through my “fan page” dedicated to my book blog. Truthfully, I saw that Princess Book Reviews made a fan page on Facebook, and it was my favorite non-blog social media medium to reach readers and fans on.

Instagram (@samsduffy) – Please note, this Instagram is my personal one, and most likely will contain more pictures of my dog Oliver, than books. Also- I am not good at taking fancy pictures of books.

Twitter– Again, please note, this is a personal Twitter account for me. Though I have changed my handle to match my book blog, and share a lot of bookish things on it, it is still personal and may not ALWAYS have bookish content.

Goodreads– I love new bookish friends. I don’t have enough right now so I am super happy to add anyone that wants to be added :]

Litsy (@ModernWitchsBookshelf)- I literally JUST joined Litsy. I am not super familiar with it, nor do I imagine myself being super active on it, but who knows. Once I have some people to follow my attitude might change.

19 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Good luck! Personally I didn’t like litsy much, and couldn’t be bothered to continue with ONE MORE social media platform. I’ll be interested to hear what you think though since I quit after only 3 or 4 days, so I probably didn’t get the full experience.

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  2. I completely understand your reluctance to get on to too many platforms. I took my time getting the hang of WP, then eventually did Twitter and Pinterest. It’s a lot of work keeping up with my own blog and other blogs that i follow. I didn’t want to get too bogged down with social media commitments too.

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  3. It’s difficult being a blogger these days. I remember when I first started with a different blog around seven years ago it was “post blog, tag, get follows” – now it’s so much harder. I know what you mean about the whole blog hopping thing as it’s not just about building a community but helping maintain it. Kudos for taking the leap to Social. I’ll follow where I can 🙂

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    1. It really is so difficult now! And truthfully, it is just as stressful in general. There are so many expectations when it comes to your internet persona that it can be extremely draining to keep up with everyone on everything.

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  4. I understand completely about learning the ways of the blogosphere! As someone who wasn’t on ANY social media before starting my blog… it has definitely been an ordeal! And I’m still learning! I’ve learned so much from my fellow bloggers and I’m always open to more tips! I’ll definitely be adding you on Goodreads! I think I’ll add you on Intagram as well because I LOVE PICTURES OF DOGS!! lol!

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  5. Samantha you are so right about this! I’m even planning a post on social media later this week as I came to the same conclusion. Good luck with all this!

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  6. I’ve shared my social media stuff too but my IG is mainly for dog and family pictures too. 😂
    Facebook is too personal so I may create a page at some point or people can follow public posts. Twitter is book, writing, and politically driven; I supposed I could lose followers that way but oh well… I’m a real person and this whole “public persona” thing seems so foreign and unnecessary to me.

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    1. ME TOO! It sounds like our social media match haha. It’s something I struggle with to be honest. Sometimes it is just too much! I’d rather just post as I go, rather than plan for it, especially for things like Twitter and Instagram. But that’s just me 🙂

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      1. No, I’m totally with you! Plus, I *had* a system going. Like, my strict “no politics” policy on IG. I mostly followed dog, Whole30/Paleo groups, yoga pages, and pages with pretty things, as well as friends. I tried to move most of my political stuff to Twitter (where I don’t keep too many family members or friends but can interact with actual politicians but then discovered an amazing writing community on there, as well as other bloggers… I also have a few friends who are only on IG who are politically outspoken and I follow them. (IG has a good writing community too.)

        Now everything is kind of blending!

        Also, there’s no way I can keep fully engaged on all of them. Not if I want to have things to talk about, anyway! 😂

        It is what it is, I guess!

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