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Today I am FINALLY presenting my results for the wonderfully fun (and nostalgic) M.A.S.H. Tag. This tag circulated a couple of weeks ago but someone was having issues with laziness (guilty), so I am only just posting my results now. I saw this on Bionic Book Worm Blog and Storys of Stories and just had to do it! PLEASE tag me in your results if you choose to do this because I am dying to read everyone else’s stories.


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  • Obviously, come up with your wonderful answers!
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For those who are unfamiliar, I’ll (attempt to) explain the game. You have ten different categories and you want to populate each of them with four different answers. Depending on your preference, you can do four good options or two good and two bad. The second makes the game a little more exciting because you are worried you’ll end up with a bad option.

In the classic game, you would be doing this with another person. They would tell you to close your eyes and draw a spiral. When they tell you to stop – you stop and count the number of lines in your spiral. Essentially, if you drew a line through the center of the spiral, how many times would it intersect? That is your magic number.

If you’re by yourself, you can always just pick a number and use that as your magic number.

Starting at M.A.S.H. count each option until you reach the magic number then cross it off. For example, if your magic number was 3 you would count 1 – M, 2 – A, and 3 – S. Then you would cross off S. H would become your new 1. You continue this through each category, crossing off as you go until there is one option left for each category.

What you have left is your YA story! If what I wrote made no sense to you, sorry – you can always go to this website which explains how to play with some pictures.



  1. Contemporary
  2. Historical Fiction
  3. Thriller/Suspense
  4. Fantasy


  1. Harry Potter
  2. Peter K (To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)
  3. Logan Thibault (The Lucky One)
  4. Peeta (The Hunger Games)


  1. Casmir (Gunslinger Girl)
  2. New York City
  3. Hogwarts
  4. Italy


  1. Diana “Prince” (Wonder Woman: Warbringer)
  2. Hermione Ganger
  3. Skeeter (The Help)
  4. Starr (The Hate U Give)


  1. Count Olaf
  2. Dolorus Umbridge
  3. Adele (Behind Her Eyes)
  4. President Snow


  1. Butter (The War that Saved my Life)
  2. Pikachu
  3. Toto (the Wizard of Oz)
  4. Crookshanks


  1. Professor
  2. Bounty Hunter
  3. Writer
  4. Queen


  1. Hogwarts Express
  2. Private Jet Plane
  3. Horse
  4. Titanic


  1. Super Strength/Bulletproof
  2. Invisibility
  3. Visions of the Future
  4. Can pull things (items) out of books


  1. Secretly Royal
  2. It was all just a dream
  3. Villain is related to main character
  4. Insta-love


My name is Diana Doxa. I teach courses on Witchcraft at NYU in New York City but I own a small barn on Long Island where I live with my horse Butter. I met my best friend Hermione at a book signing a couple of years ago. Actually, I don’t know much about her but that is alright, because I have my own secrets. That is until Hermione comes into NYC with her friend Harry, to stop a new political candidate from gaining office. Betty DeVito has been appointed the new Secretary of Education, and doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the job, but Harry and Hermione are convinced she is going to unleash more than harmless chaos. They have evidence that she is not who she says she is, and is hiding her true identity, but who is Dolorus Umbridge, and why does she look so familiar? They know more than they are sharing, and have recruited me (and Butter) to help remove her from her position. Hopefully I can stay focused on that task, and not be distracted by a pair of mesmerizing green eyes…

It’s actually pretty funny because as I was crossing things off I was getting attached to other outcomes! Maybe we will try it again sometime soon :]


11 thoughts on “Bookish MASH tag

  1. Great blurb!!! It definitely sounds like something I would read 😀 I wonder if Super Strength/Bulletproof would have any effect against magic spells? If your bulletproofness also blocked spells that could make you a particularly good recruit to stop Umbridge!

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