Favorite Things #6

Hey Ya’ll! We are getting crowded (again) over in the Favorites corner, so I bring to you today, another Favorite Things post! I have collected a bunch of mostly bookish content over the last few weeks and wanted to share it with you, before the list gets too long. Featured in today’s compilation are 10 blog posts that include discussions, impressions, and memes. I also have for you today # of my favorite bookish videos from the last few weeks.

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or look under Favorite Things in the Categories drop down to the left. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite things (part #5)!


Reading Under the Blankie: 7 Tips for Getting Over That Reading Slump

  • Tips for people entering into a reading slump
    • I needed this right at this moment!

A Reader’s Journey: Books Featuring Shipwrecks

  • A compiled list of books (fiction and nonfiction) that were centered on or about shipwrecks
    • I LOVE anything to do with the Titanic
    • Fun fact: for a really long time, I was convinced that I was reincarnated and that I died on the Titanic in a past life

Never Not Reading: Don’t Judge a Blogger by their Cover

  • Why judging bloggers by the book covers they have on their site may not be steering you in the right direction.
    • This is such a great point! Of course, read what you want, but you could be missing out on expanding your own TBR
    • I personally do not read a lot of fantasy, but have added bloggers who do read and review fantasy because I realized that some of those books had other topics/sub genres I was interested in. And because of that, and those blogger’s reviews, I have found different (and wonderful) reading material I never would have even known about without them.
    • Just because a book isn’t already on your radar, doesn’t mean it won’t contain material you are interested in. Read a few reviews for books you’ve never heard of, you may be surprised to find things you love hidden in within a genre or book you never would have considered.

Book Princess Reviews: Discussion Post: What Makes you Say Goodbye to a Physical Book?

  • How do you part with your physical books?
    • Wowzers is this perfect timing or what? I literally was just saying to my mom that I want to go through, and thin out my book collection before the start of summer (80% of the books that I own are still in my old bedroom at my parents house because my one bedroom apartment doesn’t have room for multiple bookshelves).
    • This is a perfect prompt for me to go into my unhauling with; how am I to decide who stays and who goes? At least I now can put a system in place.

Abby the Librarian: A Day in the Life

  • One day in the life of a Collection Development Leader (in a library)
    • HOW AWESOME! This is such a great look at what different professionals do within the library
    • Now I really want to know how she transitioned from Youth Services to Collection Development…

Never Not Reading: Do You Need a Breather Between Books?

  • How long do you usually wait transitioning from one book to another?
    • This is actually something I have been thinking about a lot lately. With the blog, I WANT to immediately pick up a new one, just so that I can keep my reading consistent, but I find that I DO need some extra time to reflect and think on it.
    • Also- if I start a new book too early, I end up either not writing a review for it, or forget a bit and have to go back.

Damn Girl Get Your Shit Together: A Very Stabby Birthday

  • Turning 30, and reflecting on what you have accomplished in the last ten years.
    • I needed to see this right now. I have been feeling pretty down about getting older recently, and really think that making a list of all that I have accomplished would help make me feel a bit better about where I am in life.
    • Also- I seriously cannot get enough of her storytelling.

Never Not Reading: The Pros and Cons of Buddy Reading

  • What are the benefits of Buddy Reading?
    • I have never tried this. though I have been curious.
    • Maybe I will take Nina over at @ The Cozy Pages up on her offer to buddy read Children of Blood and Bone (now that we both have copies). What do you say?

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Jesse the Reader: Putting My Face on Book Covers

Emmabooks: Book Unhaul Challenge

Jesse the Reader: Testing the Internet Genie with Book Characters

Hailey in Bookland: Really Random Book Haul

(I realize that this video is 5 months old, but I recognized the pages of the anniversary editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and since this came out pre-video watching era for me, I finally watched it now)


Hailey in Bookland: We Need to Talk

This is so important because she’s right! We all can get a bit boring and repetative in this small community. We are all reading the same books (and reviewing them) and sometimes it is equally rewarding to put something slightly different out there, and feel supported while doing it! I support you Hailey. You do you girl!

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Wow guys, there is some SERIOUSLY good blogging going on lately, and I am here for it! Make sure to keep an eye out for more Favorites posts in the near future. It seems like my feeds have been flooded by amazing content the last few weeks that I can barely keep these shout outs at a tolerable length! Thanks so much for all that you do! Your work helps inspire bloggers like myself to be better, and to keep doing what i’m doing. :]

13 thoughts on “Favorite Things #6

  1. Thank you so much for including me in this! You had some fantastic posts in here. You always come up with such a cool collection of posts, and I’m going out to check out that shipwreck collection as well. I always have been fascinated with them as well. Have you read Invictus by Ryan Gradulin? It features the Titantic in it in a really cool way (well, before the shipwreck and such). Wonderful post as always, Sam, and thanks so much again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank YOU! For always posting such awesome content! You inspire me so much 🙂 I will have to check out Invictus, it’s literally going onto my goodreads right now 🙂 I love everything Titanic 🙂

      Thanks so much for the compliment 🙂


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