Harry Potter Anniversary Week- Day Two

Friends! This year, June 26th marks the 21 anniversary of Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone being published in the U.K.- This June also marks the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone being published in the U.S.! I already posted about ways you can celebrate the US anniversary, which I will leave linked here: 20 Years of Potter in the US. But today, and for the rest of the week, I will be participating in Weird Zeal’s Harry Potter Anniversary Event!

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Starting June 20th, and for the week following, I along with other Potterheads will be posting each day leading up to the 21st (and 20th!) Anniversary of Harry Potter. There is a schedule, and you can follow along. You can post as often or as infrequently as you’d like; we just want everyone excited and talking about Harry Potter! (you can find the rules and schedule linked above and right here)

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The Rules:

  • Link back to one of Weird Zeal‘s post so that she can see all participation!
  • Tag your friends and tell them to join as well!
  • Have fun šŸ™‚


*I just have to take a brief second to shout out to Perfectly Tolerable for thinking of me, and tagging me in her reblog of the original post! Without you, I would not have known about this event! Thank you so very much for thinking of me! I look forward to seeing your posts this week as well šŸ™‚

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Day Two: Rank the Books/Movies

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That’s right! So today I will be ranking both the Harry Potter books, and their movie counter parts! I know there are going to be some unpopular opinions here but I think I can deal with it.

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Let’s start off with the more important ranking, because, we are all here for the books, are we not? I will put the book covers in order of my ranking (best to worst) and then provide little explanations below. I am NOT including the awful excuse for an “8th” book in this list for obvious reasons. Let’s get into it.

Related imageĀ Image result for harry potter chamber us coverĀ Image result for harry potter deathly us coverĀ Image result for harry potter half blood us coverĀ Image result for harry potter goblet us coverĀ Image result for harry potter prisoner us coverĀ Image result for harry potter order us cover

As some of you may know, thanks to yesterday’s post, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (1) is my favorite book, and Order of the Phoenix (5) is my least favorite.

I often go back and forth about which HP book I like the most. When Deathly Hallows (7) came out, it briefly jumped up to number one, but since then has been pushed back a little. There is just something about the magical world in the first two books that really gets you invested in the story. I don’t think they (1&2) will ever venture far from the top spots for me.

Deathly Hallows and Half Blood Prince (6) definitely pack in more back stories and general information than the others in the series. I think for that reason, they sit pretty high up on the ranking for me. I am a history person. I like knowing the backstories. They are also so much darker than the rest; I felt as if my maturity grew alongside Harry so that by the time we get to these books, I could appreciate them more because of it.

Goblet of Fire (4) was actually not in my top considerations initially, however, as I’ve gotten older, it has certainly moved up (I even considered placing above Half Blood Prince). I love the constant action, the mystery of the clues, the addition of other magical schools, and the twist at the end with Moody. All in all, it was very much enjoyable and I am happy to have it in the heart of my ranking.

I KNOW! Prisoner of Azkaban (3) is so low on my list (don’t riot). This is usually everyone’s favorite book, and I can absolutely see why. I too really love this book, but there are just a few little things about it that drive me crazy, enough to place it so low. I hate the concept of the time turner. There, I said it. I think that in a world of magic as rich as this, the introduction of the time turner just did not work. It felt too unrealistic, even for a fantasy novel. If they possessed the time turner, why wouldn’t they go back and save more lives than just Sirius and Buckbeak? That NEVER made sense to me, and just always bothered me about this book.

No surprise here, Order of the Phoenix is notoriously the least favorite Potter book for most Potter fans. Harry was just so angry and moody through the whole book that some parts were a bit unbearable. Not to mention, it is the longest book in the series, and contained the most “nothing” (I think) throughout. There were parts that just dragged. There are some of the best elements of Potter in this book though- the government takeover of the school, which I found endlessly interesting, the introduction of Umbridge, Dumbledore’s Army. All really wonderful, iconic parts of Potter, hidden within a giant snore fest. Sorry, not sorry.

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Here is where most of my unpopular opinions will be unearthed, I think.

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Starting off this list at number one; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Like I said in yesterday’s post, this movie (in my opinion) is the closest adaption. Chris Columbus as a director really did such a great job in the first two movies. I loved almost everything about this movie, and truly saw most of these characters come to life before my eyes. The casting director was SPOT ON with like 98% of their choices. I don’t think you will ever change my mind about this movie. I love it dearly.



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No surprise here, my second favorite movie is Chamber of Secrets. It was the last Potter movie Chris Columbus directed, and in my opinion, the last movie that felt purely like Potter. I feel that in the first two movies, you really get a sense of how young the first couple years of Hogwarts are! There is so much to learn, and so many new things to experience that it is just fun to be along-side the trio in this way. I also adored Richard Harris as Dumbledore. He was EXACTLY how I pictured him when reading the books. Parts of Michael Gambon’s performances as the great wizard were a bit of a let down for me, which was another reason I love these movies so much.


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Here is where the rankings get a bit tricky for me. I know that standing alone, most people feel like the Deathly Hallows movies are not that great, but I really enjoyed the finale. I think that they did a great job trying to tie up all the loose ends, and that the actors were honestly at their peak performances. Part two was obviously more action-packed, but I did really enjoy both parts. Who doesn’t enjoy a great action movie?



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While Prisoner of Azkaban is not one of my top books, the movie however was quite enjoyable! It’s not that I didn’t like PoA (book), I just had some issues with plot points. As a movie though, this was fun. We are starting to step away from the classic robes of Hogwarts; most scenes the characters are sporting “jumpers” and jeans. For some unheard of reason, this really bothered me about the movies. Regardless, our characters are developing as well as the acting abilities and it really shines well in this movie. Also- I really liked watching Hermione punch out Malfoy.


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Like I said earlier, I really liked the Deathly Hallows movies. I know a lot of people complained about the lack of action in this installment, but I enjoyed the plot line and the pacing. I think they did a good job of back tracking to try to tie up all the ends they left loose. Half Blood Prince dropped the ball in terms of plot development for the series as a whole, so it was no surprise that part one of Deathly Hallows had to be spent fixing that mistake.



Image result for order of the phoenix movieDespite this being my least favorite book, and the least played movie on what was formally known as ABC Family (now Freeform)-famous for their Harry Potter movie marathons- I kind of enjoyed this as a movie. Much of the bullshit that the book was filled with, was cut, leaving those gems I talked about earlier. Umbridge shined and truly sent shivers down my spine. I think I would have liked a little more time at Hogwarts under her rein, but that is because I find the whole government takeover/dystopian part of the book interesting. I liked the parts with Dumbledore’s Army, and the end with Sirius was particularly well done. I do hate the random cut up scenes that flash while Voldemort is in Harry’s mind, but its not the end of the world.

Image result for goblet of fire movieI was very much looking forward to seeing this book adapted into a movie. To me, it was one of the most action-packed books in the series. I couldn’t wait to see the dragons, the merpeople, and the graveyard scene. And for the most part, they did a good job! I just couldn’t get over the hair cuts in this movie. I know what you are thinking, wow, really? That small detail would plummet a good movie to the bottom of your ranking? Yes, yes it did. Because it wasn’t just Daniel Radcliffe who refused a haricut, no, it appears to have been every single boy in the movie! Ron, Fred and George. I call it “the movie no one got a haircut.” I don’t know, it just really bothered me. Don’t be mad!


Image result for half blood prince movieFinally, my least favorite (which you may have seen mentioned in yesterday’s post). I think that the director of this movie took “creative liberties” a bit too far. It strayed way farther from the plot of the book than any of the other movies, and completely changed the tone of the story. To me, Half Blood Prince was a fairly dark book, with Tom Riddle’s backstory and the set-up for the finale. But this was the most comedic movie of the series, and did not portray the darkness that I felt reading the book. It also tends to be everyone’s favorite movie, especially the movie fans (who may not have read the books). It is the most played movie on TV and I just didn’t like it as much as the others, simple as that.

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And there you have it! Tune in tomorrow to see what other Potter Mania I’ve got planned for this week!

Do you agree with my ratings? Do you want to fight me because of them? Let’s chat (or argue!) about HP :]



5 thoughts on “Harry Potter Anniversary Week- Day Two

  1. Your lists are so different than mine! It’s always funny to see how different people’s opinions are. I find it especially funny that I LOVE the third book but hate the third movie, and you are completely the other way around.

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