TBR Tuesday – Unread BOTM #2

TBR Tuesday

I have been recently inspired by Kristin Kraves Books and other blogs to highlight, and talk about my TBR with you guys. Other than a few features, I don’t have any consistently posted content on this blog. I have been wracking my brain to think of something I can easily keep up with and have things to post about, and what I have decided to try requires the use of my TBR!

I know a lot of people on here stress about the size of their TBR. I know people who prefer to keep their TBR below 100. I am not one of those people. Actually, in reality, I add books CONSTANTLY to Goodreads. Currently I am sitting on a 458 count in “Want to Read.” For some that would be extremely daunting and overwhelming. For me though, it doesn’t always bother me. Actually, what bothers me most is my physical TBR piles, which is what I would like to explore with you today!

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Today, I am going to share with you the other half of my unread BOTM books. Please note that I have already read and finished The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, so that is no longer on this shelf. This photo also excludes my two November 2018 BOTM choices.


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click on cover images for links to their Goodreads page.


Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough

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UHG! Guys. Let me tell you, I almost didn’t get this one! I was so sure of my picks for that specific month and I was just about ready to hit that “ship my box” button but I went back, just to be sure one last time. At first glance, it seemed like just another thriller, so I skipped over it because truthfully I needed a break BUT I did a serious double take when I noticed the author’s name. Sarah Pinborough is the brilliant author of Behind Her Eyes, the very first thriller I think I picked up. It was MIND BLOWING and I knew right in that moment of recognition that I had to have this book. I haven’t been in a thriller mood, but when I am, I am reaching for this one. It is about a mother with a secret she has worked extremely hard to keep in the past. She is thinking about finally letting a man into her life, when her daughter saves a boy from drowning, putting their pictures all over the news. Now the mother is faced with the secret she has worked so hard to keep (I know, SUPER stereotypical sounding).


Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks

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Here’s the thing, I used to love Nicholas Sparks. Like truly. I read almost all his books, and really did love them. I also really like a lot of his movie adaptions. After becoming more involved in the book community and seeing the lack to diversity and basically the exact same framework for each of his stories, I stopped being impressed. I did not read Two by Two, nor had a draw to do so. But this one came out, and I don’t know, I am just in the mood for some trashy story I guess! Also- my best friend likes his books too and if I don’t like it, I can always pass it along to her :] This one is another guy meets girl in unfathomable circumstances, they fall in love, and when they are faced with returning to their reality, all hell breaks loose, or so it seems anyway.


Winter In Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand

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No, you are NOT blind, you DO see TWO Elin Hilderbrand books on this (unread) shelf, and that is not even including the ARC of The Perfect Couple I got at Book Expo this year. Yes, the truth is actually that I have only read one of her books so far. But I really liked it! I just haven’t gotten around to reading the rest of them. This one seems semi-different though in that it does not take place in ol’faithful, Nantucket. I can see cracking this open in December or January and escaping to a paradise island. A woman’s life if shattered when she wakes up to a phone call that her husband has been found dead, on a tropical island! Apparently he has been hiding an entire second family, and the details surrounding his death become more and more troubling.


Ghosted by Rosie Walsh

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How pretty is this cover?!? And the spine is like a hot pink. So appealing. Anyway. Yet another thriller to add to the mix (I was in a very thriller/suspenseful reading mood for a while there). And guys, it’s blurbed by Liane Moriarty, whom I happen to really enjoy, so I thought, why not? Plus, I did see it everywhere after I got it so I am hoping that means it was decent at least. It is about a woman who meets this guy and has a great connection with him. Nothing is serious yet, but he goes away on a pre-planned vacation and promises to call her, only he doesn’t. Her friends think he is “ghosting” her (aka disappearing by not returning calls/texts, but on purpose) but she is convinced something is actually wrong.


Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

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WOW, another thriller! Anyone else shocked? Me neither. Like I said, I was on a serious thriller kick and I apparently just needed to have this one. I may move it over to the other side with Ghosted to be honest. I have just not been in the mood to read these lately. It is about a mother who after her 15-year old’s disappearance is still holding out hope that she will return. She meets a man, and starts to fall in love until she meets his daughter, who looks an awful lot like her daughter did at that age. This meeting sparks those old questions about what happened all those years ago.


The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

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Guys this book is haunting me. It was one of the very first books I wrote about on this blog! AND. I. STILL. HAVEN’T. READ. IT. This one is also going to get booted to the other side because I really really don’t see myself reading it anytime soon. And even if I were to read Alice Hoffman, it would end up being Practical Magic first to be honest. Rules of Magic is technically the prequel to Practical Magic; it is about the Owens family during the 60s in New York. They have rules for how to live, and remain unnoticed, but after a trip to Massachusetts to visit their aunt where their family has been blamed for hundreds of years of mishappenings, the family discovers secrets of their family, and themselves, and must figure out where to go from there.


All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

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This book won like a bunch of awards. I don’t know anything about it other than my sorority sister Hope recommended it so hard that I added it to my next BOTM box as an add-on. I think that not knowing what it is about really has aiding in my avoiding it, but I do still want to read it because Hope is pretty great with book recs, and I trust her opinion. For those who are curious, it is about a young girl from a broken family. Her father is a meth dealer, and at 8 years old, she is the sole “adult” to her little brother. Things change when she witnesses one of her father’s “thugs” wreck his motorcycle.


Artemis by Andy Weir

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I am still pretty interested in this book. I just don’t do really well with Sci-fy so I have been putting it off. I haven’t heard really great things about it though since it has come out so I am not super quick to pick it up. The cover is stunning though, and it could be a really cool, out of my comfort zone read for me. Artemis is about a girl who lives in the sole city on the moon. She is a smuggler who gets caught in the middle of a battle she had no intention of being a part of. Now her survival is on the line.


The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand

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Elin Hilderbrand, we covered this already. Although, I think I may switch sides for this one, at least for now. I am not sure I would reach for it anytime soon, maybe next summer! This one is about identical twins who have been separated by sibling rivalry for most of their lives. A tragedy happens that forces them together and they realize that they are better together than apart.


Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

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I haven’t heard as much about this one as I have heard about Vox, but I feel like this fits in well for fans of The Handmaid’s Tale. Dystopian society that has made abortions illegal, and ivf is banned, five women are struggling with these restrictions in different ways. It is another look at women being controlled by the government. I think I might bump this up to the right side because I really do want to get to this one, and I want to read it before I read Vox to be honest.


Circe by Madeline Miller

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I have heard SO MANY mixed reviews of this book! People either LOVED it or really disliked it. It’s funny because I wasn’t super convinced that this would be a book I would be able to get through (based on my writing preferences) BUT I love the idea of it so I put it on my shelf. Circe is about a powerfully strange child that finds solace in the mortal world. What she discovers later is her skill in witchcraft, and her ability to turn those that displease her into monsters. Her power scares Zeus and he banishes her to an isolated island where she further perfects her craft. This power, she discovers, is something both men and Gods fear, and she must choose between the two. Circe and the next book on the list I am sure I want to read eventually, but I don’t think I will reach for them right now. Either way, I know they are both books that I will be happy to have on my shelf in the future.


The Silence of the Girls by Pat Barker

Image result for silence of the girls

This cover is so pretty! But like Circe, I wasn’t super sure I would mesh well with the writing style. I know that I like the idea of the story, and the idea of a mythological retelling, but for now, it is not something I have the mind to dedicate to. Silence of the Girls is the story of Briseis, who becomes Achilles’s prize of battle after her destroys her city and murders her husband and brothers. She must now adjust to the lifestyle of the concurred women who serve in the Greek war.

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Phew! That was a lot of books to get through. I am already tired thinking about them. It does appear that I will be moving my BOTM shelves around quite a bit as a result of these last two TBR Tuesdays.

Are any of these on your radar? Have you read any of them? Let’s chat!




4 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday – Unread BOTM #2

  1. I had The Rules of Magic on my TBR list too, but then I read (and didn’t finish) Practical Magic. A friend of mine told me The Rules of Magic wasn’t much better, so I probably won’t get to it, ha! But if you do, and like it, let me know because I’m curious.

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