TBR Tuesday – Current Library Haul

TBR Tuesday

I have been recently inspired by Kristin Kraves Books and other blogs to highlight, and talk about my TBR with you guys. Other than a few features, I don’t have any consistently posted content on this blog. I have been wracking my brain to think of something I can easily keep up with and have things to post about, and what I have decided to try requires the use of my TBR!

I know a lot of people on here stress about the size of their TBR. I know people who prefer to keep their TBR below 100. I am not one of those people. Actually, in reality, I add books CONSTANTLY to Goodreads. Currently I am sitting on a 458 count in “Want to Read.” For some that would be extremely daunting and overwhelming. For me though, it doesn’t always bother me. Actually, what bothers me most is my physical TBR piles, which is what I would like to explore with you today


Today I am going to talk about my current Library Haul. For some reason I decided that at the end of this year I wanted to load up on library books (mostly graphic novels) and of course they all came in at the same time. It would be rather ambitious to assume I could read all of them before they are due back, but I do think I can at least put a dent in them before they are due.

click on the covers to view their Goodreads page


Image result for becoming Image result for cravings teigen 2 Image result for justin timberlake hindsight

Last Friday I wrote about my most recent read, which happened to be Becoming by Michelle Obama. As it turns out, I was at the TOP of this holds list so I am taking sweet sweet advantage of that by starting it now (and making it my main read). Hungry For More is the second cookbook written by celebrity Chrissy Teigen. I flipped through it enough to know there were far more recipes in this volume that I wanted to try. I will probably add it to my wedding registry to be honest! Hindsight is Justin Timberlake’s pictorial memoir that was released recently. I flipped through this one briefly and got to look at a lot of fun pictures. I realize that there is more than just the images, but I don’t know that I have the time to squeeze this in before it is due. I’ll cross my fingers though.


Graphic Novels

Image result for fake blood graphic novel Image result for amulet 1 Image result for positively izzy Image result for invisible emmie Image result for check please Image result for monster mayhem Image result for estranged ethan aldridge Image result for the city on the other side 

Can you believe this graphic novel haul? And I already read like four books that were not included in this bundle. I may have mentioned it elsewhere but for whatever reason, I have decided to make my end of the year a graphic novel binge. I have been reading graphic novels like crazy the last couple weeks (whenever I can fit them in) and plan to keep that going into next year. It has become obvious to me that I have not read a whole lot of graphic novels, despite really enjoying them, so I am trying my best to alter that. I have lists all over the place of titles that have been suggested and/or discovered that I want to eventually get to, so that shouldn’t dry up anytime soon.

I think I am going to read Fake Blood and Check Please first because I have seen some really awesome reviews for both of them. The rest are either really popular children’s graphic novels that I want to familiarize myself with (to better understand my patron’s interests) or really eye catching new children’s graphic novels that I think might be a hit for my patrons. Those I am not AS worried about getting to, but would like to before the end of the year.


Phew! That may not seem like a whole lot, but believe me, on my desk (and car) looks like a hell of a lot more than it is. Have you read any of these? What does your most recent Library Haul look like? Let’s chat!

4 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday – Current Library Haul

  1. This looks like a list of books I should read. I love reading graphic novels, but I don’t think I’ve ever read one that didn’t have superheroes punching something. And I used to think JT was a joke, but the guy obviously talented and has a killer work ethic!

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    1. Haha yeah! Well graphic novels are super popular among my library patrons so I thought it would be smart to read some of the ones they enjoy 🙂 as for JT- I was much more of a Backstreet Boys fan than *NSYNC, but I really opened my eyes to his talent when he went solo. He’s pretty great, and so funny honestly. I really enjoy him 🙂

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