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I saw this originally on Naty’s Bookshelf and thought that it would be fun to share and talk about the Booktube channels I watch with other people! I didn’t start out watching Booktube. To be honest, I had no idea it existed until I heard whispers about it at Book Expo in June 2017. I didn’t think too much about it but when I heard other bloggers start talking about it, I decided I had to check them out.

Unfortunately, now I find myself watching hours of videos in place of reading, and I just cannot stop! My TBR is exploding with new recommendations but these are people I see a lot of myself in, and I am happy to support them, and our shared love for these books.

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Hailey In Bookland

Hailey is my absolute favorite Booktuber by far. She is so quirky and adorable and I just see a lot of myself in her. I love her bookish content, but I have to say, I really enjoy seeing any part of her journey whether it is writing or just life in general. Some of my favorite videos of hers are her “reading” vlogs which end up being a lot of her just rambling on about life and her writing. I absolutely CANNOT wait for her two novels to be picked up and published so I can buy like a million copies. Shes super cute, and even has some fun merch! You should check her out.


A Clockwork Reader

I agree with Naty on this one. Hannah is just absolutely sweet, and it really comes across in her soothing and friendly voice. She is someone I can see myself being friends with and I find that she is one of the few Booktubers that has a much more calm approach to her videos. While she hasn’t been posting regular content the last few months, she participates in the fun Bookmarked Live Show which is held every Tuesday evening on either Hannah, Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) or Zoe (Read by Zoey)’s channels.


Jesse the Reader

Jesse is everyone’s favorite from what I am gathering! He is super quirky and funny and just a joy to watch. His videos also tend to be on the shorter side which is nice when you need a filler. He also does some more fun videos and steps outside the box a lot of the time. Some of his videos are out there, and some are exactly what you need/want. I really enjoy his channel, and think you will too!


Super Space Chick

I have been watching a LOT of Super Space Chick (Kristin) lately! To be honest I am not even sure how she came into my radar but she showed up and I just love it. She is super duper sweet and easy to listen to. Her videos don’t tend to be super long so that helps when you just need something to fill in a small bit of time. She may be a huge fantasy fan which isn’t generally my wheelhouse, but she is also a book collector, which is something I CAN totally get behind. I also really love her aesthetic- you have to check out her website and social media pages to get the full experience- so needless to say I follow her on everything now.



Christine is on a different level when it comes to Booktube. Her videos go the extra mile most of the time, and she does a lot of collab videos with her friends (and siblings apparently). She can be a little extra and goofy, but I think that is why so many people love her. She is really friendly and funny, so it is no surprise that she has such a big following. Videos range from book reviews, tags, and writing vlogs to random fun. She also wrote a book! It is due to be published in May(?) of 2019 so I am looking forward to how that will end up.



Emma is another one that I feel is a quintessential Booktuber. She has a variety of interests which include psychology, fantasy books and pole dancing. Her videos are pretty standard so you know what you are getting from them. Listen, she is a fascinating person! I love her style and makeup, and am super curious about what she is doing and reading. It did take me a while to like her though, and I still find myself picking other Booktuber videos over hers on most days so she isn’t for everyone.




I only just started watching Naya but let me tell you, she is exactly what her handle advertises! She is so upbeat and sweet. I just love her voice and her excitement over everything she is talking about. I have really got to watch more of her stuff but so far I really love it. She offers a fresh new perspective and I absolutely adore her. It looks like she does a lot of vlogs other typical booktube content like hauls and wrap-ups.

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And those are my favorite Booktube channels right now! What about you guys? Who are you watching? Do you watch any of the channels I mention above? What are your favorite kind of videos? Let’s chat about it!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Booktubers

    1. Yessss there is one recent recent favorite that I did not include in there but should be and that is Read with Cindy. She is hilarious, honest and just so much more real than anyone else on booktube. If you like Salyut reviews, she’s your girl πŸ™‚

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