Treat Yo Shelf – A Five Month Book Haul

Treat yo shelf (1)

So it doesn’t look like I have done a haul since the end of last year. I have been trying really hard to curb my hauling habits, especially with the threat of a major move on the horizon, but I am just bursting with new things to share today. Let’s take a look at the damage. Keep in mind, these are all ranging from the months of January through the end of MAY!


Book of the Month Club

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Now, I was able to completely skip both January and February boxes, AND I have already read (and reviewed) one of these so far. I think that’s pretty good. Before She Knew Him is a thriller that apparently I just could not skip, and Normal People is a contemporary that just sounded like something I would really enjoy. The Bride Test is the sophomore novel of popular contemporary author Helen Hoang who wrote a little something called The Kiss Quotient last year.

Daisy Jones and the Six review


New Releases

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I will say, I have practiced some extreme restraint these last couple months. A Curse So Dark and Lonely was a single purchase I made online when Barnes and Noble sent me one of those oh so convenient “today only” 15% of new release coupons. I already get free shipping for being a member (plus an additional discount I believe) so at the end of the day I think I paid $12 for this brand new Beauty and the Beast retelling. The other two I couldn’t resist when I visited B&N for my brother’s birthday. I mean I was already buying him something, might as well treat myself as well, especially after being such a good girl lately. I don’t think I paid more than $15 for either of these new books either. I already read (and reviewed) Opposite of Always and may start Rayne and Delilah this month!

Opposite of Always review

** I WANT Hot Dog Girl SOOOOO BAD! Right now I am practicing some serious restraint in not purchasing it, but let’s be honest…I probably will because I really really want it, and I ADORE the cover so much..

Update: I bought it. Here is my disappointing review: Hot Dog Girl review.



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As a sub category of New Releases, I thought I would also show the books I had pre-ordered, that were released so far this year. Unfortunately with On the Come Up, I had pre-ordered the book before the announcement of the exclusive B&N edition (signed) so I ended up with two copies of this book. I was going to return the regular version but I ended up physically reading that one, and lending it to my brother, allowing the signed special edition to be untouched.

Now before you get on me, YES, I am aware of the drama with Matt de la Pena. I already had the book, in my possession by the time I found out and I have all the other books in the series so I was very reluctant to return it. I still haven’t read it yet.

The last few are all May releases and I CANNOT wait for them! I actually read a couple already so here are the reviews:

On the Come Up review

With the Fire on High review


Gifts & Wins




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If I am remembering correctly, I was already ordering books for a giveaway, and ended up getting a few for myself? OH! I know what it was. I was buying books for some friends, and I needed like two more for free shipping so I got a couple for myself… ANYWAY. The only one out of all of these that I have read already is Check Please. But the rest of them (maybe with the exception of Ogre Enchanted) I really really want to get to soon.


Book Expo

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As a sub category of “other” I thought I would include my Book Expo haul here as well. For more information on the books pictured in this section, you can see my Book Expo post (coming soon).

The thing is, I always feel so awful about posting book hauls because there are so many people who really don’t like them. Booktubers are even addressing the “epidemic” of book buying binges new people to the community seem to be experiencing.

I don’t want to come off as insensitive to that, but I just have always loved reading/seeing book hauls. They are some of my favorite content to consume, and therefore, some of my favorite content to post. So out of 19 books I hauled in a five month span, I have already read 6 of them. I mean that isn’t great, but much better than I typically do so i’ll take it!

5 thoughts on “Treat Yo Shelf – A Five Month Book Haul

      1. With the Fire on High, mostly. I’ve had my eye on it for months, but I’m forcing myself to read more outside of YA and so haven’t gotten to it yet. I have the best of intentions of reading it this summer, though.

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  1. I know some people think the book community is too consumerist or something, but I would not worry about posting book hauls. Especially one for five months! I mean, you didn’t go off and buy 50 books in a single week and leave the rest of us sad and jealous we can’t afford to buy 200 books a month. 😉 (Even if you did, though, I think it’s fine; people can spend their money on what they want, and people spending money on books is what supports the industry. And I honestly *do* think more readers would spend more money on books if they had it.)

    I really want a Heart So Fierce and Broken since A Curse So Dark and Lonely was great! I only went to BookCon, not BookExpo, and I didn’t hear anything about it there.

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