The Big Bad Hype Monster

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I know we have all had a time where we avoided a certain book because it was so hyped in the community that it made us nervous. This is a known fact among our friends. In those instances, I like to say that the hype monster is chasing me away. Over the last two years that I have been on this blog, there have been several books that the hype monster has scared me away from. Some still have me shaking in my boots! Here are some of the biggest ones still on my TBR.

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Yes. I know. EVERYONE and their mother LOVES these books. I just. I’m so afraid I won’t like them that it keeps me from attempting it. Even though I personally have recommended Six of Crows to teens at the library looking for a great fantasy, I have not read it myself and to be honest, I just don’t know that I will. Maybe one day.


SO many good things have been said about this book and the cover just makes me so happy, but some how I still haven’t read it. I even had it in my hands. Had it on my desk for 3 weeks and ended up returning it to the library unread. I’m so intimidated by the fantasy aspect, and the love surrounding this book. I am super excited and interested in the magic library and books though, so maybe this one will find it’s way out from behind the hype monster.

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Stop yelling at me, ok? I know. I own the first one in both physical and ebook form, and just keep staring at it. I don’t really know why I wouldn’t pick it up. The mixed media is super interesting but also super weird to me. I’m worried I would miss important key things for the story. Some have even suggested listening to the audiobook while I read along physically to get a whole story but that just sounds like a lot of work and I’m tired. I do really want to try it someday, I just don’t know when that will be.

Image result for shadow hunter books
Emma, from Emmabooks on youtube is a HUGE Shadow Hunter fangirl.

Are you sensing a theme among these books? I see a lot of fantasy, which hasn’t really been my go to genre…

At least with the Shadow Hunter books I can safely say with confidence that I have no desire to actually ever read them. I am perfectly ok sitting on the outskirts of this fandom, not knowing what happens.

Image result for shades of magic books

le sigh. Everyone loves these books. And I am just so nervous to pick them up. Based on the Goodreads description, it sounds just ok. But everyone raves so much about these books that I feel like I am missing out on something huge.

Image result for the lunar chronicles

What’s funny about this one is that I have read the spin-off graphic novel series Wires and Nerve (of course I did) but not even one of these books. I own Cinder, and I mean, I am so for retellings, but something about this series has just pushed me away. Probably the fact that it is widely talked about and referenced among avid readers? It’s hard to tell.

Image result for stalking jack the ripper series kerri maniscalco

Now this one is a little different. I have the first three books, and I became interested in the series for the historical aspect. I did try to crack open the first book but quickly became concerned that it might be too gory for my taste. I mean I have read murder mysteries and stuff of that nature but I was worried that her working with dead bodies in autopsies might be too much for my squeamish stomach. Needless to say, I did not buy the last one, and I am hoping to maybe try this series again before giving it away.

29774026. sy475

This is just way too much book and way too much fantasy to break me down. I am genuinely interested in the story and the idea of it. And I have heard some really amazing things about the world and characters but I just. It’s such a big book. A big book of pure fantasy and that intimidates me so very much.


Another Leigh Bardugo? I know I really love her writing because I read and LOVED Wonder Woman: Warbringer, which is why I started looking into her other books. I know this is a fairly new one, so I can’t put too much pressure on myself, it did just come out. But there were literal masses of people fighting over ARCs of this book at Book Expo this year. It was a crazy coveted book to have among the community and I caved to the hype and ended up pre-ordering it. I tried to start it but mistakenly did so the week before my wedding so I ended up putting it down in favor of something a little lighter, and I don’t know, happy. I LOVE the premise, and the secret societies at Yale intrigue me so much but much like Stalking Jack the Ripper, I am getting nervous that it might be too gory for me. Everyone who has actually gotten to read it so far has said it is a work of art, but oh so very dark. I guess only time will tell for this one.

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And there you have it folks. A journey into the lair of the hype monster. What did we learn? That Samantha is intimidated by popular fantasy books. Maybe one day I will get over this fear and defeat the hype monster once and for all! How about you? What books have you avoided because of hype? Did you eventually cave or are you still in the dark?

4 thoughts on “The Big Bad Hype Monster

  1. Hahah I understand the fear ! But as I mentioned in my old posts, the hype is not that bad. A lot of times we are just not exposed to others blogosphere. I’ve seen a lot of people not liking Six of Crows but I still like it πŸ™‚ The sequel is less compelling in my opinion. But I hope you enjoy it !

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  2. I completely agree with you, and several of these (including Shades of Magic and The Mortal Instruments) are still on my TBR that I’m avoiding because of the hype monster as well (oops).

    I will say, Six of Crows is one of the only books I’ve read that I felt *truly* lived up to the hype, for whatever that’s worth. It’s actually part of the reason why I am willing to keep trying hyped books, even though so many of them have let me down lol

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  3. Oh I hear you about the hype monster scaring you off. I was also intimidated to read six of crows, but *whispers* it turned out to be really good πŸ˜‰ Love the sound of sorcery of thorns as well! I do hope you like Illuminae as well/ I think you won’t be missing out on too much if you never read the shadowhunter books- it’s just a neverending vortex of too many samey stories. I really relate about being intimidated by priory of the orange tree as well!

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