MIA Update

Hello friends! As you may (or may not) have noticed, this modern witch has been MIA since the holiday season. Between the end of the year craziness and moving cross country, I have barely turned on my computer in the last few weeks. I know that I am behind on blog-hopping, and am VERY aware that I haven’t posted since the beginning of January, however, I am here today to tell you that I am hopeful for some content in the coming days.

So far in January I have read 3 books, including my first ebook in MONTHS! So I am super excited to bring you some mini reviews of those books, and a few I squeezed in before the end of 2019. I would also like to do an update on my book planning routine, and what I have started using this year. Eventually I will have a bookshelf tour once I get that all settled, and hopefully have some more information regarding a potential Booktube channel.

I am also seeing the potential to read more ebooks this year, which is super exciting, but I am not sure yet what I would do differently with that.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a quick little update, and let you know that I was still around, just slowly trying to find a routine that works for me before jumping back into blogging.

Let me know if there are certain types of things you’d like to see from me in 2020! I’d love to get some feedback!


6 thoughts on “MIA Update

    1. I asked for a kindle for my birthday like two years ago. Did a ton of research to find the right one. And then I think I read two books on it and never looked at it again! But I had borrowed an ebook from the library so I had something to read at work/ when all my stuff was packed and ended up liking the experience of reading off my kindle! So weโ€™ll see how the rest of the year goes.

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