February Reading Plans


Now you may have noticed my use of “plans” in place of “TBR.” The thing is, I never seem to be able to stick with a TBR. I absolutely commend those who thrive that way, and can stick to a list, but I am just not one of those people. Instead, I would like to see these little updates as loose plans than a set list, hence the name change. These are some of the books I would like to pick up, or seem to be calling to me so far in February.

IMG_3444 With this huge move, I decided that 2020 was going to be the year I really focused heavily on my physical TBR. I have a number of books that are unread, actually, an entire bookcase full, so I want to start each month by looking at what I already have on my shelves and highlighting things that have a bit more draw to. I especially would LOVE to catch-up on my BOTM books…I seem to have gotten a little carried away at some point and wasn’t reading the books I got as I got them in… Now I have two entire shelves full of unread BOTM books and a feeling of mounting guilt. That’s what the little BM next to the title means, Book of the Month. My goal is to not only read the BOTM that I get in that month’s box, but also work on reading 1-2 more that month if I can.

That’s all well a good but nobody I know can resist a new release! I look at the ones I have listed and add any that I am absolutely excited to get to that month. In most cases, they may even be the new releases I have pre-ordered or purchased. In February, The Gravity of Us is high on my list, though Sarah Pinborough’s new one is very enticing. I want to read Cross Her Heart before I decide to buy it though…

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One thought on “February Reading Plans

  1. Ahh, I get that about not having a set TBR…. I really don’t, either, I’d prefer making plans and see what happens, too, haha 🙂 I can’t WAIt to hear your thoughts on The Gravity of Us, this book sounds so good!
    Happy reading! 🙂

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