What I’ve Been Into Lately – Music

What Ive Been Into Lately MUSIC

Here’s the thing. I went into this blogging journey over 2 years ago deadset on the fact that this was strictly a bookish place, and no other kind of content would be discussed here. Afterall, I had a “personal” blog I could do top movie countdowns, breakdowns of my favorite songs from specific artists, etc. However, the more work I put into this space, the more I want to show my audience, and I am starting to wonder if that entails content outside books.

I did two breakdowns of artist’s entire album collections (to date) and ranked my favorite songs from each – I did that for Billy Joel and Taylor Swift – and let me tell you something, I was REALLY proud of those two posts. I worked really hard on them, I enjoyed putting them together and I was really proud of the overall outcome. But I didn’t want to mix books and music and ended up posting them on my lesser popular personal blog where it didn’t get really any views (if by chance you are now curious, and would like to see my work, you can see both here: Billy Joel & Taylor Swift, as well as some of my other content that I worked hard on such as my top movies of the year, and an analysis of The Disaster Artist).

The point is, I work really hard on some of these posts, but am too afraid to share them with my established community because they aren’t bookish. What I would like to do, to kind of test the waters a little bit, is to introduce a “What I’m Into” series once in a while where I can talk about non-bookish things I am enjoying at the moment. I got the idea from Kristin from Kristin Kraves Books, who posts similar content on her blog; January Non-Bookish Favorites. Who knows? Maybe I will start posting more of that kind of content in the future?

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Ya’ll, my music taste is everywhere. When I was in middle and high school, music was a HUGE part of my life, so much so that songs from that time period make feel overwhelmingly nostalgic and can instantly put me back in those shoes. Now, not so much. I passively listen, if at all, and truthfully, I am more content in silence than with music playing. But I do listen to the radio when I drive so whatever happens to be popular at the moment has the potential to reach my ears. The thing about that is that since meeting my husband, I much prefer country hits to pop. I am more likely to put on a country playlist on Spotify than a current hits one, and listen to the country station on the radio. Therefore my current favorite song is a fairly new country song from Matt Sell. I can’t recall any other songs by him off the top of my head but this one is one that I always get emotional about when it comes on.

I’m not a religious person, I wasn’t really raised religious and my husband and I are not practicing anything, but for some reason I really feel this song. I realize that this is a pretty religious song but I just really feel a connection with it right now so I thought I would share it with you.

 ‘Cause every single day, before I knew your name
I couldn’t see your face, but I prayed for you


Ahhhh. Now this one is such a fun one to share. Back in American Idol’s OG stage (I’m talking Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson) I watched only one season before swearing it off, and that was season five. Some of you die hard fans may already know where I am going with this but for those who don’t know, on season five of American Idol, there was a contestant who was MUCH more talented than everyone else on the stage. He was the sure-fire winner, and then apparently he wasn’t. It was a huge outrage when Chris Daughtry got voted off American Idol. There were rumors that an outside recording company liked him so much that they bought out his contract from AI and paid them to kick him off the show so that they could work with him and put out his music. There were also rumors that votes for Daughtry were being incorrectly recorded for Katherine McPhee (back in 2006, you voted for the winners by calling in to a specific phone line, any many people said when they called Chris’s line they got a recorded message from Katherine thanking them for their vote). I actually still don’t know if any of that was true but either way, he was supposed to be the winner but got beat out by Katherine McPhee? I don’t think so. And not even in the finale or anything, he was the last one voted off before the finale, putting Taylor Hicks, Elliot Yamin and Katherine McPhee as the finalists. For context, Taylor Hicks won that season of Idol. Who? Exactly.

Regardless, Chris Daughtry went on to form his own band, named Daughtry, and put out a number of hits! To date, he has 6 albums, and a number of hits on Billboard charts. Recently though, Chris tried his hand at another singing competition, but one where he could be anonymous. In season two of The Masked Singer, the Rottweiler climbed his way to finale, absolutely stunning the judges with his talent and range. Not one judge had any clue who he was, and all guessed incorrectly throughout his entire stay on the show. Eventually he would come in 2nd place (losing to the Fox, aka Wayne Brady) but proving to himself and to the world that he not only had a show stopping voice, but that he wasn’t confined to one little box. His biggest and most powerful performance was when he sang Alive (Sia) in the finale. After the show, Chris went on a studio recorded a full cover of the song and it is still one of the best vocals I have ever heard. You can see (listen) to the studio recording, as well as his finale performance on the Masked Singer below.

Needless to say, I am now re-obsessed with Chris Daughtry and not even a little sorry about it.



3 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Into Lately – Music

  1. First, there’s nothing wrong with mixing things up on your blog Samantha. This is your baby after all. I love primarily writing book reviews and book-related posts, but I also love posting about other things as well. I suppose that’s why I named my blog By Hook Or By Book: Book Reviews, News, and Other Stuff.

    And I join you in being obsessed with Chris Daughtry. Chris coming in 4th that season, and Adam Lambert placing 2nd, were the two biggest debacles on that show.

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