February 2020 – A Month in Review

Month in Review

February man. For being the shortest month of the year, it sure does take a toll on you! I got a lot of reading done this month which is super surprising but considering that I am still in the interviewing processes on getting a job, it also makes sense. In the very near future (we hope) I will be starting my first full time job and I imagine that will have a bit of an affect on my reading. Regardless, I am going into March with a pretty bold plan if I do say so myself. However, I am not putting pressure on myself to achieve any of those goals, which is what is going to make me stay sane, at least I hope. Enough about March for now (you can see those plans in a separate post). Today we are talking about my February reading!

I read a surprising 5 books (and started a 6th) this month! Which included 3 print, 2 digital and 2,107 pages! The page count kind of threw me this month though. What I ended up doing is adding up all my other page counts excluding any associated with After, and then added 593 to that total. The problem was that the copy of After that I borrowed from the library was not kindle adaptive, and the page count kept changing depending on whether I was reading it on my phone or ipad. SO in the end, I just looked up the page count for the actual book since I read it in it’s entirety, and just added that to the total for all the other books this month. Phew, I hope that wasn’t too complicated.

What really surprised me was what ended up as my favorite read this month. Being apart of the Always Fully Booked facebook page has really been an amazing resource for me this year so far. On there, someone posted a Best Of 2020 bracket in the back of their planner to help track their favorite reads throughout the month and then have them square off against each other to determine which is the best overall this year. I love that method! Considering that at the end of every year for the last few years, I have really struggled with figuring out which book was my top spot, I think this is a great method to try out! So in addition to the tracker/bracket at the end of my planner, I have been pitting my monthly reads against each other to determine which was my favorite from that month as well! In February, Love Her or Lose Her by Tessa Bailey beat out the other competition!

In addition to the 5 I finished in February I also made a serious dent in Educated by Tara Westover. There are two book discussion groups I was hoping to try out this month and ironically they are both discussing that book in March! So I hope to have it finished before the first meeting which is on the 8th, but at least I have time before the 2nd which doesn’t happen until the 30th.





Author: Nora Roberts

Started/Finished: January 30th – February 6th

Page Count: 440

Format: Digital (library)





Author:Tessa Bailey

Series: Hot and Hammered #2

Started/Finished: February 9th – 11th

Page Count: 335

Format: Print (library)




45046742. sy475


Author: Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Started/Finished: February 12th – 16th

Page Count: 340

Format: Print (own) (BOTM)








Author: Phil Stamper

Started/Finished: February 17th – 19th

Page Count: 310

Format: Print (library)




22557520. sy475


Author: Anna Todd

Series: After #1

Started/Finished: February 18th – 27th

Page Count: 593

Format: Digital (library)




Out of these, Love Her or Lose Her, You Are Not Alone and The Gravity of Us were all new releases for 2020 (and I believe all were February releases as well). After I picked up after (haha) watching the movie on Netflix and wanting to see what happens next. The movie was just sub-par, and the actors had 0 chemistry together but I was curious. Yikes. the book was 3x longer and 60% more problematic, but I feel like I will probably still pick up the next book just to see how bad it can get (when it becomes available through the library). Under Currents was just a disaster. Over all though, not a terrible month.



As you can see, I picked up 3 BOTM books this month. I only read one of them though so far. I had also pre-ordered a copy of the benefit book Australia, which is a collection of 32 romance short stories from various authors that were being sold and donating proceeds to help efforts in the Australia wildfires. The money went to firefighters and wildlife. I think you can still order it on Amazon (and she is hefty!) in print or kindle editions. While ordering the Australia book, I noticed that a book that has been on my wishlist for a really long time finally came down in price. This was the cheapest I had ever seen a hardcover copy of this book so I ordered it too. It was Girl Stop Apologizing. And then of course I had to get my Ravenclaw copy of the UK 20th Anniversary edition of Goblet of Fire. I have been slowly collecting each book in the series as it comes out in the black Ravenclaw editions. It is a bit frustrating because they switch the format every other year, so I have two hardcover and two paperbacks but they are all with the black cover and purple font.

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