April 2020 New Releases On My Radar

April Programming Focus — DRIVE Fitness

Hello lovlies! We are gearing up for a new month of reading and with that comes brand new shiny releases! With the weight of the world on our shoulders, many people have turned (back) to reading and so it felt worthwhile to compile some new books that are coming out this month as a way to give people something to look forward to. As far as I can tell at the moment, all these releases are still scheduled to come out when stated and will be available in the month of April. Please let me know if you have news that states otherwise so that I can update this list with the correct information.

What are you looking forward to? Here’s a look at what I’ve got on MY mind :]


April 7th

Check Please (book 2): Sticks and Scones by Ngozi Ukazu

44280825 Let’s start with the most exciting one (in my opinion). Check Please is the world’s cutest queer, COLLEGE graphic novel series that I just absolutely fell in love with. I had seen it all over the place (much like Heartstopper series by Alice Oseman right now) before finally picking it up at my library. OMG THE CUTE. Check Please is actually an already published webcomic, compiled into two collections (Freshman/Sophomore year and Junior/Senior year) following a gay men’s hockey player who also happens to like baking and vlogging. He turns these savage, “manly” jocks into mushy, lovable characters and I just can’t handle it. I loved it so much that I actually bought a copy of the first volume shortly after reading it. I have been anticipating this second novel’s release for quite some time now, and it is one of only three pre-orders I placed (so far) this year. I CANNOT WAIT….


You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

44143895. sy475 Stubborn fiances who are no longer interested in each other, but don’t want to foot the bill for canceled wedding plans, play a game of chicken to see who can hold out the longest. A spin on How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days (movie) but if both parties knew they were playing each other. Once their warfare breaks out and they start being themselves they actually start enjoying their time together again. Sounds like a pretty typical Rom Com-y romance. A quick read, you know how it goes. I was burned by the last “almost How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” plot though so I am a little bit skeptical.



Goodbye from Nowhere by Sara Zarr

51193935. sx318 sy475 I actually only came across this while putting this post together. A boy’s family is ripping apart, mom’s having an affair, and his father knows about it, but neither want to tell their friends/family until after the big reunion. Kyle is stuck grappling with this, which leads him to distance himself from his own friends and girlfriend. The only one he can talk to is his cousin Emily who has her own issues going on. It’s said to be a book about anxiety and how secrets both keep us together and pull us apart. It sounds intriguing and hard hitting so i’ll have to keep my eye out for it.




What I Like About You Marisa Kanter

51932743. sy475 DEBUT ALERT! This YA contemporary is a love triangle between what in reality is only two people. Similar to Alex Approximately and I am sure countless others, this book follows a bookish blogger who finds and falls in love over the internet. The twist is that IRL she is popular, successful and well, liked. But there is just a magic behind the anonymity of the internet that makes her nervous to reveal who she really is to her internet crush who just happens to be in all her classes. It sounds bookish, and cute, and definitely something fun to debut with.



April 14th

When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed

52024847. sx318 sy475 Newest graphic novel by my fav. middle grade author, Victoria Jamieson (Roller Girl). I don’t really need to know what her books are about, I am always going to read them and recommend them to kids. But this one seems to be taking a step in a different direction from her other two novels. This book follows Somalian brothers who flee to a refugee camp in Kenya (the true story of author Omar Mohamed). Omar drops out of school to look over his intellectually challenged brother because they are all they have (their father was killed the day they left, and they haven’t seen their mother since). But Omar, who loves learning, gets an opportunity to go back to school with a unique scholarship. He is torn between doing something to better the lives of both him and his brother (by finishing school) and leaving his brother alone for hours a day while he does his lessons. It sounds heartbreaking and hard hitting, much different than the typical popular middle grade graphic novel. I smell a Caldecott nomination if it’s done well.


April 21st

Time of Our Lives by Emily Wibberly and Austin Siegemund-Broka

40076537 This is the junior novel from this duo. Their first one (Always Never Yours) I wasn’t really interested in, but I read and liked their second (If I’m Being Honest). Cutting a bit away from their Shakespeare retelling, this book tells the story of two college bound teens, Fitz and Juniper. One is ready and itching to leave, the other is desperately trying to hold on. The two meet on a college tour and recognize their differences immediately. However, they develop a deep connection, seeing in each other alternate lives for themselves had the table been turned. Its a story about home, and going away, and dealing with memories of the past, fears for the future and how they all play out in life. This actually hits a little close to home right now. Moving away from my family was a huge decision and made me really come to terms with the guilt of leaving my family behind but wanting to have a future with my husband. I did not pre-order this one (I don’t have either of their other books) but depending what the scope of the world is like in a few weeks I might order it after all.


Verona Comics by Jennifer Dugan

51901322. sx318 sy475 I’m going to go into this one SUPER skeptical. But how could I resist? Jennifer Dugan’s debut novel came out last year, Hot Dog Girl, and was about a teen who worked at a local amusement park during the summer as, you guessed it, a hot dog. It had a bunch of fun stuff in the description, and that paired with the GORGEOUS cover, I was SCREAMING about this book to everyone. And then I read it. Wow. I haven’t been that disappointed in a really long time but man was it bad. But the writing wasn’t, it flowed pretty well, just the story was a big miss. SO I am giving her new novel a chance (but I am NOT buying it). Verona Comics is about Jubilee and Ridley who meet at a comic convention, but have parents who absolutely hate each other. In true Romeo and Juliet form, they try to keep their relationship a secret but as one struggles with anxiety, the other struggles to focus on the relationship with a big dream staring her in the face. Initial reviews for this one are overwhelmingly positive, saying its much more serious than the fluffy illustrated cover gives off, but I was so very burned by Hot Dog Girl that I am truly curious to see what someone who also hated HDG thought of this. This cover though, right? She is deff very lucky to have such adorable covers for her books.

And that’s all I have in April! This typically is a pretty light-release time if I am not mistaken but given what’s going on in the world right now, it isn’t surprising that a lot of publishers and authors are unsure what will happen to their new releases this year. Keep me in the loop! What are you looking into? Do you have anything pre-ordered? What’s on the agenda for April?

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