Modern Witch Story

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Books have always been my solace. Some people feel at peace by the ocean but I feel the most relaxed when completely lost in another world. I honestly think that my love for books is the reason I enjoy traveling so much. While I may not have a real passport at the moment, my literary one is completely full, with worn pages and so much to show off.

My name is Samantha. I am a 30 years old, and I work as a youth services librarian in Arizona (formally from Long Island, NY) (USA). Other than reading, my other interests include board/card games, movies, dogs and recently, tarot.

I started this blog as a hobby. I was looking for somewhere I could talk about books with people who were interested in them. Mainly, I enjoy reading children’s/middle grade, YA, graphic novels and adult fiction. Occasionally I will read a biography/memoir though. I am an avid book collector as well, not usually having to think twice about a physical book purchase. Although I don’t write traditional reviews on my blog, I am happy to review any books that I have listed upon request. You can also add me on Goodreads to see my starred ratings of the books that I have read, or The Story Graph (search for Bookwitch). My Instagram (samsduffy) and Twitter (modernSAMwitch) accounts are not strictly bookish, but I do update there occasionally.




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