Book Review Guidelines

So I do things a little differently on my book blog in terms of book reviews. Here are some things you may need to know when viewing these aspects of my page.

  • In these reviews you will notice a number of reoccurring things:
    • The book title and author will always be the title of the post
    • I will always feature a large photo of the cover at the very top
    • Beneath that photo will be the author’s name again, with the year of publication
    • A Goodreads synopsis will be included (in full) in lieu of one written by me.
    •  I will have a section of specific Likes and Dislikes from the book
    • Any spoilers will be headed with SPOILER – continue at your own risk.
    • I try to include what I plan on reading next with my “On Deck” feature at the bottom of every book post. It should be noted that that title may not be the next review to be written.
  • You may notice a few different (reoccurring) icons throughout the book reviews. I provided a guide for what they meant in my very first post, but will re-print that here:

*You can refer to this icon key for clarification on which type a book (being discussed) is.

adult book Adult novels

Image result for YA icon Young Adult (Teen) novel

childrens book Children’s/Middle Grade novel

Image result for quill and paper icon Biography/Memoir

Image result for pow icon Graphic Novel

on deck book On Deck

768px-OOjs_UI_icon_cancel-destructive.svg DNF