Book of the Month – March 2019

Wow it has been QUITE some time since I last did one of these posts for real. I had to go back to make sure I remembered the structure of it! This was a SUPER fast pick for me, though I am surprised that I splurged for the second book with the amount I have [...]

Book of the Month – February 2019

Reluctantly, I skipped February as well! I am still trying really hard to only choose titles that I absolutely must have, and this month, the only title I was interested in choosing was SOLD OUT on February 1st! I repeat, the only choice I would have wanted to pick was SOLD OUT on the very [...]

Book of the Month- September 2018

YIKES! I don't know how I ended up with three books for this month, especially since I haven't touched my BOTM TBR shelf this summer, and most likely won't for a little while still. I think these stories all just jumped out at me, and I know in my heart that eventually down the line, [...]