End of the Year Survey {2018}

I did this survey last year mostly because it was the most thorough and detailed "end of the year" tag that I had seen my short time in the blogging community. Here we are though, an entire year (and 200+ followers) later and this is still the best one I have seen thus far! It [...]


Burn, Rewrite, Reread Tag- 2018 pt. 2

Wow I can hardly believe it is December already! Earlier this year (in June) I did part one of this tag. The reason for splitting it up is because like many of you, I read a lot of books in a year. To pile them ALL into one tag would be torturously long. And since [...]

THE Ultimate Harry Potter Tag

Thank you Katie from Never Not Reading for always thinking of me for anything Potter related :] I have done one other "ultimate" Harry Potter tag before this, if I am not mistaken, but this one had slightly different questions. And I mean, do I ever need an excuse to talk about Harry Potter? Didn't [...]

You’re Not Good Enough- Harry Potter Tag

The “You’re Not Good Enough Tag” was originally created by Read Like Wildfire and Becca the Book Reviewer. Then Live Love Read took the tag and made it Harry Potter themed.  I was tagged by Perfectly Tolerable. She always thinks of me for Harry Potter related things, and I ALWAYS happy to participate. You know she's one of the greats [...]