In Between Books – Graphic Novel Mini Reviews

So this March I am tried something I have only ever done one other time, and that is Buddy Read! I am currently working my way through The Book Thief (by Markus Zusak) with Joe over at Stories of Storeys. Since that is taking up a big chunk of my reading this month, I thought [...]


Binging Graphic Novels- Mini Reviews

I decided that graphic novels were something I wanted to catch up on the last few weeks. With the end of the year quickly approaching, and less and less reading time on the horizon, I thought binging a bunch of graphic novels would be the perfect way to keep me reading during this difficult time. [...]

Mini Review Monday- The books I was too lazy to write full reviews about

I am starting to understand the burden of feeling like you need to review every single book you read, and that is just not plausible. I mean it totally is, but it would take a lot of time away from actually reading more books because truthfully, sometimes, I just do not have a whole lot [...]

Graphic Novel Mini Reviews

As many of you may know (from my February Wrap-up), I read a butt load of graphic novels last month. I didn't want to just read them and move on, but I also didn't want to write up individual reviews for each of them (I ain't got time for that). Then I remembered that I [...]

Children’s Book Mini Reviews

Hey all! I have been trying to play catch-up since straying from my original reading plan (one children's book, followed by a YA book, followed by an adult, and then repeat) so instead of attempting to do full breakdowns of each of these books, I saw a bunch of other blogs that utilize the mini [...]