Gleaning, Parallel Universes and Politics, OH MY! [ Mini Reviews ]

I just haven't been in the reviewing mood lately. I was talking to Katie @ Never Not Reading about how many books we read now that we are fully engulfed in the book community, and how we remember (or don't) the books we are reading differently than when we only read like 20 a year. [...]

In Between Books – Graphic Novel Mini Reviews

So this March I am tried something I have only ever done one other time, and that is Buddy Read! I am currently working my way through The Book Thief (by Markus Zusak) with Joe over at Stories of Storeys. Since that is taking up a big chunk of my reading this month, I thought [...]

Mini Review Monday- The books I was too lazy to write full reviews about

I am starting to understand the burden of feeling like you need to review every single book you read, and that is just not plausible. I mean it totally is, but it would take a lot of time away from actually reading more books because truthfully, sometimes, I just do not have a whole lot [...]

Graphic Novel Mini Reviews

As many of you may know (from my February Wrap-up), I read a butt load of graphic novels last month. I didn't want to just read them and move on, but I also didn't want to write up individual reviews for each of them (I ain't got time for that). Then I remembered that I [...]

Children’s Book Mini Reviews

Hey all! I have been trying to play catch-up since straying from my original reading plan (one children's book, followed by a YA book, followed by an adult, and then repeat) so instead of attempting to do full breakdowns of each of these books, I saw a bunch of other blogs that utilize the mini [...]