Month in Review – December 2018

You may notice that I changed the name of my monthly wrap-up. I have decided that going into 2019, I would not be participating in major reading challenges such as PopSugar or BookRiot so that would no longer be a focus. That being said, I would still like to post monthly updates on my reading [...]


Monthly Challenge Update – November 2018

Yass! I was a review writing machine this month! Actually what really happened was that I tried extra hard to write about books that I have read immediately after I read them, so that I wouldn't forget. The only bad thing about that is not giving myself enough time to think about how I really [...]

Monthly Challenge Updates- April 2018

Geez, and just like that, another month down the drain... I was recently checking through my drafts folder and saw this post. I decided to click on it and see how "bare bones" it was. I scrolled through the pitiful content, and said to myself, "It's still early, I have practically an entire month left [...]