Monthly Challenge Update: October 2018

I saved all my spooky reads for October AND decided it would be a good idea to commit to OWNtober. Of course All I wanted to do after that was read all the library books completely unrelated to spooky Halloween... I am proud of myself for getting through an anthology of short stories though! I [...]

Monthly Challenge Updates- April 2018

Geez, and just like that, another month down the drain... I was recently checking through my drafts folder and saw this post. I decided to click on it and see how "bare bones" it was. I scrolled through the pitiful content, and said to myself, "It's still early, I have practically an entire month left [...]

Monthly Challenge Updates- January

Hey guys! Since I am participating (or trying to) in a few different reading challenges this year, I thought it would be helpful (mostly for me) to do a monthly update. I will use these updates to highlight what I've read over the month, which prompts I am hoping to tackle, and any that I [...]