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The Cliché Book Tag So I have been taking an unspoken break from tags for a while now. But that doesn't mean I haven't been stock piling them for a rainy day! And since today is a literal rainy day, I thought I might dust one off for you. I saw this tag on Whimsically Meghan [...]

[ARC Review] More to the Story – Hena Khan

(Hena Khan, 2019) When Jameela Mirza is picked to be feature editor of her middle school newspaper, she’s one step closer to being an award-winning journalist like her late grandfather. The problem is her editor-in-chief keeps shooting down her article ideas. Jameela’s assigned to write about the new boy in school, who has a cool [...]

Giveaway! US Only {I’m sorry!}

Just a reminder guys! I am holding this giveaway until June! Make sure you comment to get your name in the running for this book!

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Hello my lovely friends! That’s right, I have a very special giveaway for you today! One lucky winner with receive a copy of Booktuber Christine Riccio’s debut Again, But Better!

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Unfortunately this giveaway is US only as I have the physical book at the moment, and will be mailing it out myself. The thing is, I forgot that I pre-ordered it because for some reason I pre-ordered through Amazon (which I never do) so when I checked my Barnes and Noble account and didn’t see it there, I pre-ordered the exclusive edition. Needless to say I was surprised when I saw two copies on my doorstep, so I am gifting one of them to you!

Just to clarify, the copy I am giving away is just a regular copy, NOT the Barnes and Noble exclusive.

If you are interested in entering, just leave a comment below! I will keep the…

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[Review] Sal & Gabi Break the Universe – Carlos Hernandez

(Carlos Hernandez, 2019) How did a raw chicken get inside Yasmany's locker? When Sal Vidon meets Gabi Real for the first time, it isn't under the best of circumstances. Sal is in the principal's office for the third time in three days, and it's still the first week of school. Gabi, student council president and [...]

Book of the Month – March 2019

Wow it has been QUITE some time since I last did one of these posts for real. I had to go back to make sure I remembered the structure of it! This was a SUPER fast pick for me, though I am surprised that I splurged for the second book with the amount I have [...]

[Review] Dragon Pearl -Yoon Ha Lee

(Yoon Ha Lee, 2019) To keep the family safe, Min’s mother insists that none of them use any fox-magic, such as Charm or shape-shifting. They must appear human at all times. Min feels hemmed in by the household rules and resents the endless chores, the cousins who crowd her, and the aunties who judge her. [...]