Pre-Order Book Haul

Hey guys! So as you are probably gathering by now, I clearly have no chill when it comes to purchasing books. I can’t even put myself on a book buying ban because, well, they just don’t work for me. Naturally though, that means I am coming to you today with yet another Book Haul!

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This one is a bit unique though in that I am going to catch you up on all my pre-orders that are still standing at the moment! Some of these don’t even come out until 2019, but I wanted to let you guys know what I am clearly anticipating to the max! I do plan on posting a “most anticipated books of 2019” later this year, and at least half that list are on pre-order (as it stands now)- so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Without further ado, let’t get into the pre-orders, shall we?

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This two-part YA novel contains the novelization of the classic movie we all love, and a continuation, 25 years later. SO MUCH NOSTALGIA! At first glance I was mildly annoyed that they turned this into a novel, however, it is in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the movie release (back in 1993). It has fairly mixed reviews on Goodreads, from what I can see, but I honestly don’t care. I will look forward to picking this up every Halloween, like I enjoy watching the movie each year.

Release Date: July 10, 2018

Image result for houdini maniscalco The highly anticipated third installment in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series! Just look at that cover… Honestly, the title and cover were what made me want to have it, regardless of the fact that I have not picked up either of the first two books. NOW, I own the first two, and HOPE to pick them up somewhat soon. An ocean cruiser complete with carnival entertainment is plague with mysterious disappearances and murder, with no where to escape but the ocean itself! This appears to be another twisty book in the successful series. It also looks like there is supposed to be another book in the series, to be released in 2019, so we’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for that one.

Release Date: September 18, 2018

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In the conclusion to the bestselling first book, Warcross, Emika must resolve the pressing problems from where we left off. I don’t want to spoil Warcross for anyone but let’s just say the cliffhanger at the end was a little rude. I have been looking forward to this book since putting down Warcross. When I found out that they had ARCs of it at Book Expo I was determined to get my hands on one. Unfortunately, I was only able to get a sampler, which obviously is not enough. As a result, I immediately pre-ordered my copy of Wildcard to ensure that I would read it ASAP.

Release Date: September 18, 2018

Image result for on the come up thomas cover Screaming. I AM SCREAMING, I want this book so badly. The Hate U Give is one of my all-time favorite books ever. NATURALLY, I needed to own Angie Thomas’s newest book. While it may not be a continuation of Starr’s story, it does take place in the same neighborhood. On The Come Up is about a teenage, female rapper who is struggling to get by. Hitting on more issues society is afraid to talk about, Thomas also pays tribute to the art that inspires her every day. I love how the covers of her books are basically opposite of each other, and that the only image aside from the title is a black female in a powerful pose. I really cannot wait for this one to come out.

Release Date: February 5, 2019

Image result for children of vengeance and virtue I kid you not, the moment I closed Children of Blood and Bone, I hopped on my phone and went to the publisher’s website to pre-order this book. THE COVER HASN’T EVEN BEEN REVEALED YET and I just, I NEED it. I am OBSESSED with Tomi Adeyemi. I am subscribed to her newsletter, I follow her on virtually all social media platforms and I recommend her book to just about everyone! Children of Blood and Bone was so powerful and compelling and I just feel like everyone should read it. I cannot reveal much about this book without spoiling CoBB so I am just going to say GO! READ! You have time… this doesn’t come out until forever.

Release Date: March 5, 2019

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And that’s all she wrote (so far this year)! Are you anticipating any of these books? Do you have different books on pre-order? Let’s chat :]


Classics Book Haul

Don’t ask me why, but I decided the other day that I NEEDED to update my classics collection. For those who don’t know, I am actually not a huge fan of classic literature. I have only read a handful of things (somehow, I graduated high school without reading some major ones) and I have had some problems trying to pick them up on my own. But being a reader, and supporter of books and knowledge, I personally feel like there are some books that should absolutely be in every home (even if I have not currently read them).

Blame it on the Great American Read- a PBS special series dedicated to exploring America’s favorite novels- you can read more about that here – but I found that there are a number of classics that I do not own, that I want to. Thankfully, I found out about this little bookstore website called Thrift Books and was able to compile an essential list for only a few dollars a piece. I will say though, being that this is a thrift store online, the quality of the books are exactly what you would expect. The $3-$4 books are thrift books, and are in “good” or “acceptable” condition. Sometimes they show you an actual picture of what to expect, but sometimes- I have heard- you don’t even get the cover that is shown on the website. SO if you are one of those people who like to have specific covers, this may not be the place for you.

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All the photos in this post are of the copies of the books that I received from Thrift Books. I will include the “grade” that I selected for each as a reference point. 

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

The compelling story of two outsiders striving to find their place in an unforgiving world. Drifters in search of work, George and his simple-minded friend Lennie have nothing in the world except each other and a dream–a dream that one day they will have some land of their own. Eventually they find work on a ranch in California’s Salinas Valley, but their hopes are doomed as Lennie, struggling against extreme cruelty, misunderstanding and feelings of jealousy, becomes a victim of his own strength. Tackling universal themes such as the friendship of a shared vision, and giving voice to America’s lonely and dispossessed, Of Mice and Men has proved one of Steinbeck’s most popular works, achieving success as a novel, a Broadway play and three acclaimed films. (via Goodreads)

Surprisingly, this was NOT on the list for Great American Read, though many other classics can be found on that list. For such a short book (112 pages), I never read it before, though I have heard many many things about it. For the most part, people rather enjoyed this short tale, and I thought that it would make a good (small) addition to my classics shelf.

I got this from Thrift Books for $4 in “Good” condition. The image on the website did match the copy that I received.

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Color Purple is a classic. With over a million copies sold in the UK alone, it is hailed as one of the all-time ‘greats’ of literature, inspiring generations of readers.

Set in the deep American South between the wars, it is the tale of Celie, a young black girl born into poverty and segregation. Raped repeatedly by the man she calls ‘father’, she has two children taken away from her, is separated from her beloved sister Nettie and is trapped into an ugly marriage. But then she meets the glamorous Shug Avery, singer and magic-maker – a woman who has taken charge of her own destiny. Gradually, Celie discovers the power and joy of her own spirit, freeing her from her past and reuniting her with those she loves. (via Goodreads)

This is one of the few classics (and books on TGAR) that I HAVE read. Granted, it was a very long time ago, and broken up over the course of a month or two due to it being a class assignment, but I know for sure that I have read it. I want to reread it, and see the movie or play as well. This book is featured on TGAR (The Great American Read) as one of the top 100 most loved books in America.

I got this from Thrift Books for $5 in “Very Good” condition. The image on the website did match the copy that I received.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens


In what may be Dickens’s best novel, humble, orphaned Pip is apprenticed to the dirty work of the forge but dares to dream of becoming a gentleman — and one day, under sudden and enigmatic circumstances, he finds himself in possession of “great expectations.” In this gripping tale of crime and guilt, revenge and reward, the compelling characters include Magwitch, the fearful and fearsome convict; Estella, whose beauty is excelled only by her haughtiness; and the embittered Miss Havisham, an eccentric jilted bride. (via Goodreads)

Even worse than The Color Purple, I read Great Expectations in 7th grade! It was soooooo long, but I know that the class read and finished it (I may not have finished the whole thing on my own but again, we talked about it in class). Unfortunately, I don’t remember much of anything about that book. We actually read a lot of really great, classic literature in that class, and I don’t remember really any of it! It is one of those books though that I have always wanted to revisit. Again, this book is featured on TGAR top 100.

I got this from Thrift Books for $4 in “Good” condition. The image on the website did match the copy that I received (though I am a little disappointed with the library stickers/barcode that is still on the book).

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller


The novel is set during World War II, from 1942 to 1944. It mainly follows the life of Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier. Most of the events in the book occur while the fictional 256th Squadron is based on the island of Pianosa, in the Mediterranean Sea, west of Italy. The novel looks into the experiences of Yossarian and the other airmen in the camp, who attempt to maintain their sanity while fulfilling their service requirements so that they may return home. (via Goodreads)

This is one of those classics that I have somehow never read! I remember looking at it at the library and being intimidated by how long it was, especially for a classic. After watching TGAR though, it seems like I might be able to get through it, since most of the people who talked about it described it as hilarious. I sprung for the new version of this book on the site, in hopes that it comes in the cover that I want.

I got this from Thrift Books for $16 in “New” condition. The image on the website did match the copy that I received.

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger


The hero-narrator of The Catcher in the Rye is an ancient child of sixteen, a native New Yorker named Holden Caulfield. Through circumstances that tend to preclude adult, secondhand description, he leaves his prep school in Pennsylvania and goes underground in New York City for three days. The boy himself is at once too simple and too complex for us to make any final comment about him or his story. Perhaps the safest thing we can say about Holden is that he was born in the world not just strongly attracted to beauty but, almost, hopelessly impaled on it. There are many voices in this novel: children’s voices, adult voices, underground voices-but Holden’s voice is the most eloquent of all. Transcending his own vernacular, yet remaining marvelously faithful to it, he issues a perfectly articulated cry of mixed pain and pleasure. However, like most lovers and clowns and poets of the higher orders, he keeps most of the pain to, and for, himself. The pleasure he gives away, or sets aside, with all his heart. It is there for the reader who can handle it to keep.

J.D. Salinger’s classic novel of teenage angst and rebellion was first published in 1951. The novel was included on Time‘s 2005 list of the 100 best English-language novels written since 1923. It was named by Modern Library and its readers as one of the 100 best English-language novels of the 20th century. It has been frequently challenged in the court for its liberal use of profanity and portrayal of sexuality and in the 1950’s and 60’s it was the novel that every teenage boy wants to read.

(via Goodreads)

Another fairly short classic, somehow I never got around to reading. This (for me) has one of the most iconic book covers, one that I can recall pretty quickly when mentioned. However, I never found the draw to read it, until watching TGAR. This book was one of the few that were featured in the show, that I changed my mind about. Now I really want to read it. It is actually the lone book that inspired this drive to get a few more classics on my shelf. Again, because of it’s iconic cover that I really kind love, I sprung for the “new” status, in order to better my chances of getting the cover I wanted.

I got this from Thrift Books for $9 in “New” condition. The image on the website did match the copy that I received.

Image result for classic page divider

And that’s all she wrote! Hopefully this satisfies my craving for classic books for a while. Have you read any of these books? What did you think? Do you want to read any of them? Want to know what other classics I have on my shelf? Let me know in the comments what you think of this haul!

Mini Book Haul

So my boyfriend came home for the weekend this weekend, and asked me if I wanted to visit Barnes and Noble with him! Apparently he has been thinking about getting back into photography, which is fantastic for him, but even better for me because he wanted to go to the bookstore.

Let me just tell you, there were SO MANY books that I either picked up and had to put back, or just wouldn’t allow myself to pick up at all because I knew I would want them too badly. I even avoiding looking up certain books in an effort to not end up leaving with half the store. Now normally I wouldn’t care, I would just get what I wanted but the thing is, I have been working really hard to get my physical TBR down a bit. My boyfriend built me a three-shelf bookcase a few months ago and I have a system. The bottom shelf is for all my unread BOTM books, which makes me cringe every time I look at. The middle shelf is a combo of books I’ve read and loved, and books I want to read, but don’t feel a real need to get to them ASAP (aka they look really pretty). The top shelf is all my “priority” reads, meaning, they are the physical books I own, that I would really want to get to before the end of the year. They include titles like Children of Blood and Bone, Illuminae, Stalking Jack the Ripper, Camino Island and many others. I have been working diligently since putting the shelf up, and have been super proud of myself for taking books off that top shelf and having to rearrange them to the middle because I finished reading them! I recently just took off Emergency Contact by Mary. H.K. Choi because I am currently reading it, and it left a nice big gap in the shelf that made me feel accomplished.

Unfortunately, though I only limited myself to THREE books (one of which happened to be on a bargain discount and wasn’t even going to pick it up until I noticed that) that top shelf is full again.

But enough about my personal woes with my shelving system, you want to get to the books! (All links lead back to Goodreads)


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Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

I recently met Alice Hoffman at a book talk at my library (you can see my post about it here). They were selling a bunch of her books outside the room, but by the time I got there, Practical Magic was sold out. I own Rules of Magic (which was one of my BOTM choices) so I had her sign that, but I really wanted PM as well (though I have not read either yet). Not to mention, Practical Magic has such a gorgeous cover…. It was available in paperback (under a staff suggestion display) so I grabbed it without really thinking. It is about a magical family of sisters who want to escape their hometown due to being blamed for all the wrong that happens within it. Their aunts (whom they live with) don’t discourage witchy accusations, making the girls’ lives that much more difficult.

Image result for practical magic


Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett

I have seen this cover all over the place the last few months since (if I am not mistaken) this is a fairly new release. I have not read Alex, Approximately, which is also by this author, though I have heard AMAZING things about it. Actually, if I wasn’t trying to be as good as I was, I probably would have looked up that book and went home with the two of them. Anyway, from what I can tell, this sounds like it is a really fun, summer-y read about camping and two frenemies who have to face their issues with each other. I can totally see enjoying this right now.

Image result for starry eyes bennett


Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

This one was my odd bargain book! Not too long before I came across this copy, I picked up the paperback version under the best sellers display. I held it for a little while (so you know I wanted it) but kept going back and forth between that and the paperback of The Alice Network, so I ultimately put them both down and walked away. Towards the register was a large circular display of hardcover books and this was one of them! Somehow, they were selling it for under $8 and I just couldn’t argue with that. At this point I was thinking about going back and getting Alice as well, but my boyfriend shuffled me along in an attempt to “wrangle me in.” so I left without it. Everyone loves a historical fiction, or at least I do, and Lilac Girls has been on my radar for a little while now. After reading Manhattan Beach (and feeling cheated), I could really use a war era book with strong female main characters. This book follows three women from different parts of the world, all struggling with their own desperate situations during WWII.

Image result for lilac girls

Related image

There you have it! That is it for my mini book haul- should I have gotten Alice Network as well? Are you curious what else I saw, and put down, or what I wanted to look up but refrained? Have you read any of these books, or are they on your current TBR as well? Do you want to see a current picture of the bookshelf that I talked about earlier? Let’s chat in the comments! I am more than happy to entertain the “what if” questions if you are :]

Epic Winter Book Haul

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Hey ya’ll! It has come to my attention that while I do enjoy reading/watching a good book haul, I personally have not done one (on here) in quite some time. Does that mean I have not been hauling books? HELL NO! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it) I have been getting books like crazy these last few months! (probably to mask my sadness that my boyfriend has left again for another job which will take approximately 3-6 months to complete). SO! I have for you today, a book haul of epic proportions! This is everything (that I can remember) that I have gotten since Christmas/my birthday (back in December). I will provide the links to all my BOTM books but probably won’t talk too much about them since, well, they already have highlights within my blog!

With that, lets dive in!

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BOTM Choices


Image result for red clocks book Image result for as bright as heaven

February– Book Feature for An American Marriage

Image result for an american marriage Image result for the great alone


Image result for not that i could tell Image result for other peoples houses


Image result for circe Image result for then she was gone

Barnes and Noble Haul


Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi (Barnes and Noble Exclusive edition)

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas (Barnes and Noble Exclusive Collector’s edition)

Amazon Orders


Watching Glass Shatter & Father Figure by James J. Cudney

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


Image result for the star touched queen Image result for they both die at the end Image result for three wishes a novel Image result for the princess diaries book Image result for illuminae Image result for the unofficial harry potter insults handbook 101 comebacks for the slytherin in your life Image result for confessions of a queen b Image result for the beale treasure Image result for aloha texas Image result for like peaches and pickles book

First, I would like to note that I hate reading on my Kindle (*GASP*) so I don’t do it often, nor do I request ARCs anymore because the majority of them are digital and it is difficult for me to read. That being said, everything listed above were either free through Goodreads or various offers, or were really cheap (like $1-$2). My thoughts are that if for some reason, I am without a book, I have an arsenal at the ready, either via my Kindle or  phone. This came in handy on my train trip home from NYC the other night.

The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi, They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera, Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty, The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, The Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook, Confessions of a Queen B by Crista Mchugh, The Beale Treasure by RJ Hendricks II, Aloha Texas by Chris Keniston and Like Peaches and Pickles by Muriel Ellis Pritchett.


Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco*

I was buying gifts for other people and my boyfriend was trying to be the responsible one by not letting me buy anything for myself. Instead I was pointing out all the books I wanted to read and he picked this one up and said it sounded really interesting, and that he would understand if I just could not help myself to getting this one.

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I also won a giveaway! LFBooks hosted a giveaway in which I won a Amazon gift card. I spent the gift card (and a few extra dollars) on the following:



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone- 20th Anniversary Ravenclaw edition

Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco

Image result for winter page divider

There was also a huge book sale at my local library this week, that I obviously just HAD to stop in at. I mean it WAS National Library Appreciation Week, and what better way to support my local library than to give the Friends of the Library some of my money towards their used books? (other than the fact that I spent every day that week at the library because, you know, I work there…) Although I had no intentions of it being so large, I ended up leaving with a hefty stack of books.

I am SO sorry for the poor photography, but it is what it is I suppose. I realized that I am at the age now where I am constantly thinking about the future, and that is reflected in some of these picks. Some were absolute favorites (one I did not previously own, and one that will be replacing a severely damaged copy), there was a book on local history, a classic and a couple I bought on a complete whim. I say that they reflect my thoughts on the future simply because I like to try to pick things I think my future children will enjoy. My boyfriend recently noted how diverse my book collection is, and that is completely on purpose.

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

The Manor: Three Centuries on a Slave Plantation on Long Island bu Mac Griswold

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne

Egyptology: The Search for the Tomb of Osiris by Emily Sands and Dugard Steer

Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons by Dr. Ernest Drake

I Am American (and So Can You!) & America Again: Re-becoming the Greatest We Never Weren’t by Stephen Colbert

Image result for winter page divider

Holy shit, 37 books! (sorry for the language) I guess when you consider this is covering everything from January until now it’s not so bad?!?!? Guys, I think I have a SERIOUS problem…

Have you read any of these? Are any of them STAPLES and OF COURSE SAMANTHA, YOU JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM, EVERYONE DOES (other than the obvious The Hate U Give)?

Let’s  chat in the comments!

Pre-Order Book Haul

Hello lovelies. I recently got some discouraging news and so naturally in order to perk my spirits back up, I decided to treat myself to a pre-order (mini) shopping spree! I pre-ordered a total of three books (and flat out bought one other one), while also starting a decent sized wish list on Book Depository. I have been looking at some most anticipated 2018 release posts recently, and now I am a bit saddened that I forgot a few really big ones, however, I am pretty proud of cutting myself off at four books.


Image result for Gunslinger girl book Image result for catwoman soul stealer Image result for escaping from houdini book Image result for the wicked deep


Gunslinger Girl by Lyndsay Ely (Goodreads)

I have been looking forward to this book for so long! This is the only book in this mini haul that is already out, so I got it right away. I am really glad I got the hardcover version as well, just because I love the cover so much. This has been on my TBR for quite some time and is completely different from anything I have ever read. I know I am trying to focus heavily on my backlist this year, but I believe that this one will worm it’s way up near the top of my list.


Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas (Goodreads)

DC Icons #3Expected Release Date: August 7, 2018

I have not read any of the books in this series yet, though I do own both of them. I figured that since the first two books have gotten somewhat decent reviews, and I already own two of them, that I might as well collect the series. I actually plan to read Wonder Woman this month, so I that is something at least. Plus I have to say, again, these covers are just so gorgeous that it will be nice to have them on my shelf. I may need to get a second copy of Wonder Woman since it is the only paperback copy I have in the series, and I like my books to match…

My family has always had a connection with DC heroes. My brother Thomas is a cartoonist. He has been drawing Batman since he was three, and could probably be quoted as an expert at this point. So that fact gives me a little more drive to own (and hopefully enjoy) this series.


Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco (Goodreads)

Escaping Jack the Ripper #3- Expected Release Date: September 18, 2018

Another series I haven’t even started yet. This book just sounded so very interesting that I had to have it. The first two books in the series have gotten a lot of great reviews too so I am sure that I will enjoy them just as much (though I do not own them as I do DC Icons). As you may know by now, I am a sucker for a good historical fiction, and one featuring Houdini is sure to entertain in the very least.


The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw (Goodreads)

Expected Release Date: March 6, 2018

This is my MOST anticipated book of the year. I CANNOT WAIT for this book to come out. I am silently hoping for February to blow by so that  I can finally devour it (also, because I usually hate February). For one, LOOK AT THIS COVER!! Isn’t it stunning? Also, it is described as a cross between Hocus Pocus (the best Halloween movie ever made), Practical Magic (by Alice Hoffman) and the historic Salem Witch Trails. Are you hooked yet? I don’t know what more I can say about this, other than I know for a fact that I will stop whatever I am reading at the moment to open this book up.

I actually have not seen a whole lot of talk or ARC reviews of it yet, so I am a little nervous. The one review I did see though, said it was amazing so at least that is a good sign.


Image result for page divider


Serious book buying problem + Beautiful book covers = yet another book haul

I am surprised that I made it out with only four books though, to be honest. I know I have said this at the end of my last few book hauls but, I REALLY HOPE this is my LAST one for a while now. I am literally running out of room to store these new books. My boyfriend is going to come home and find me drowning in hardcovers…I work in a library for goodness sake! I can BORROW any of these if I wanted to read them.

Are any of these on your most anticipated releases for 2018? Have you read Gunslinger Girl? TELL ME TO STOP BUYING BOOKS!

Final Book Haul of 2017

Related image

As the title suggests, this post will highlight my final bookish purchases/gifts of 2017. With Christmas and my birthday (12/28) so close together, it is no surprise that I would have a book haul at the very end of the year. Surprisingly enough, I was only gifted three books during this time period! 

Image result for acca scuse me GIF

That was just not an acceptable way to end the year, so I took matters into my own hands and gifted myself some additional books. I was going to wait and take pictures of all these books, but some of them haven’t even shipped yet, and I don’t want to be halfway through January with a Christmas book haul…


Christmas/Birthday gifts

Image result for all the light we cannot see Related image Image result for the night circus

All the Light We Cannot See- I received this book for Christmas from my brother’s girlfriend. She actually works at Simon and Schuster (which if you ask me, is pretty flipping awesome) and got me this from there! It was a Pulitzer prize winner, and was widely acclaimed when it came out, but I never got around to reading it. I am extremely excited to get to this one early on in 2018.

The Disaster Artist- I got this as a gift from my brother for my birthday. The Room has always been a running punchline for my brothers and myself, and when the movie adaption of this book came out, obviously we saw it right away. I am really excited to have this on my shelf, to revisit when I need a little reminder that things are not as bad as they seem, or, that I am definitely not as weird as I think I appear. 

The Night Circus- My brother’s best friend gave me this book for Christmas this year. He also gifted it to my brother’s girlfriend. It was his hope that the three of us could read this on our own time, and have something to chat about together the next time we saw each other! How sweet, right? Needless to say, I started reading this right away, and while I intended this to be the first book I read in 2018, it is looking more and more like I might be finished before the ball drops! Regardless, this was one of the sweetest book gifts I have ever received.


Book Depository Purchase

Happy Birthday to me, from ME!

Image result for murder on the orient express Image result for wonder Image result for the hate u give Related image Image result for fan girl

Man, that site is dangerous! This is my first purchase on Book Depository, and I know it is no where near close to my last. 

Murder on the Orient Express- I mean it is a classic. So that alone is reason to have a copy on my shelf, but with all the recent “re-hype” with the movie coming out, it has put this particular classic back on my (and everyone else’s) radar. 

Wonder & The Hate U Give- I have actually read both of these, and LOVED them so much that I felt it was absolutely necessary they have a spot on my shelf for the long haul. I plan to reread them sometime in the near future.

A Man Called Ove- This is one of those books that I have heard absolutely nothing but amazing things about. From all the positive reviews, it really sounds like a must have book, so I added it to my cart. I am hoping to get to it early in 2018.

Fangirl- This is another one that everyone seems to love. This is extremely high on my list for 2018.



Guys, I got a Kindle for my birthday! I have recently been approved for about 7 NetGalley books, and since they are all ebooks, I thought it might be time to bite the bullet and finally get an ereader. To celebrate this new addition to my bookish life, I purchased a few ebooks to keep the ARCs company.

Image result for watching glass shatter Image result for geekerella Related image Related image

It certainly helped that these were (almost) all featured in a huge Best of Goodreads 2017 sale on Amazon.. I got each of them for less than $5, which is a huge score if you ask me!

Watching Glass Shatter– This is a book that has been on my radar for a while. I follow the author, James Cudney, on a lot of platforms (mainly WordPress and Twitter) and I am super interested in a lot of what he puts out there. The story sounds like it is right up my alley, and even though I really wanted a physical copy of this book, I think this is at least a good start. I can’t wait to get into this one so I can buy a physical copy and see if I can get him to sign it for me!

Geekerella– This was a surprise for me honestly. It was one of those books everyone kind of mentioned in passing, but really stood out to me once everyone was posting their wrap-ups and favorite lists for the year. Against all odds, this book ended up on a TON of favorite lists. I am intrigued, and for $2, I had to have it.

Bear and the Nightingale– This is another one I have heard a lot about. The sequel, the Girl in the Tower came out this year (2017) as well and it definitely sounded like something I wanted to read, however, because of my need for order, I must read this one first. The third and final book in the series (the Winter of the Witch) is due out sometime in 2018; all the more reason to start this series!

Everyone’s an Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn too– This is an odd one for me. I think I saw it reviewed on youtube and it seems unique and different from anything else that I am reading, or have read in the past. I thought I would give it a try.


Also- while checking out ebooks on Amazon, I found myself on the physical book side, and somehow ordered myself these two in addition to the ebooks..

Image result for wonder woman book Image result for batman marie lu

Wonder Woman: Warbringer– I have seen this on several booktube channels now, and every single person has said this was such a badass book for women. It makes you feel like a badass for being a woman, and just really has some fulfilling moments throughout. I know a lot of bloggers love this author, and her Six of Crow duology (which I eventually plan to read) and since I am already on a super heroes/ Wonder Woman kick, it seemed like a good time to try this out.

Batman: Nightwalker– This is the second book to come out for this series (DC Icons). I love that they are trying to breathe new life into these DC heroes, especially since they are getting stomped on by the Marvel movie kingdom at the moment. Batman has always had significance for my family. My brother Tom has been drawing Batman specifically since he was 5 years old, and is the main reason why he went to art school, and is trying to get a graphic novel published at the moment. So Batman will always have a place in my heart. The fact that this book is written by Marie Lu, author of Warcross and other bestsellers, also adds to the intrigue. I actually just started reading Warcross today- my first Marie Lu book, so I am hoping that it sets me up nicely for her writing style. 


Image result for holiday page divider

Wow, that got a little out of hand… The good thing about all these books is that many of them were either featured on my TBR for the early part of 2018, or were must haves. I have been trying not to buy too many books anymore, and I am hoping this will be my last (purchased) haul for a long while- at least until summer. I am already a monthly subscriber to Book of the Month club, so in the very least, I get one new hardcover book per month. I guess that is why I feel this splurge was justified. That and the fact that this will be the first year since 2009 that I have no classes to split my free time with. I will have so much extra reading time, that I intend to be flying through books. The closer books are to my hands, the easier it is to keep a consistent flow of reading. 

What books are you guys heading into 2018 with? Have you read any on this list? 

I just want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year! I am really looking forward to starting my first full year of blogging. I look forward to interacting and chatting with you all year long! Please let 2018 be a good one!

Library (plus) Book Haul

Hey y’all! So I have been trying to be good about not buying anymore books (at least for a little while). I am already a subscriber to Book of the Month, so in the very least, I get one new (hardcover) book a month, which, if you ask my bookshelf, is more than I need. Instead, I have been utilizing my library to read as many of the suggestions you guys have, as I can. You may (or may not) know that I am actually a children’s librarian here on Long Island. I love my job, and it makes obtaining new books super easy.

Image result for library GIF

I highly suggest that if you do not have an updated library card, you should change that. And take a quick trip down to your local library. Most, whether they have large collections or not, are now part of an inter-library system, which allows you to request virtually any book you like, and have it sent to your library to borrow (FOR FREE). It has certainly saved me a few bucks as of late, and also prevented me from purchasing a book that I eventually just did not like all that much.

So, for today I am bringing you my most recent Library Haul. I have not done a book haul yet on this blog, and since I have a huge pile of “new” books on my desk, I thought I would share them with you!


Image result for the leaving

Ok, first up is The Leaving by Tara Altebrando. This is actually just a book I picked up browsing through my library’s YA section. I have mentioned that I tend to read on a schedule- one children’s novel, followed by a YA novel, followed by an adult fiction (and repeat). When I reach my adult fiction, I tend to browse my library’s collection, and select one children’s and one YA to have in the wings for when I restart my cycle. This has been on my desk since before I read Turtles All the Way Down (you can read my review/discussion post with that link). I keep looking at it and wanting to return it, but then I read the back and get interested again. So I am hoping to finally get to this soon.

Image result for when dimple met rishi

Everyone on here seems to mention When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon an awful lot. I have seen mixed (ish) reviews, but mostly ones that say it is light and a quick read, which I could totally use more of in my life right now. It has a completely different perspective than what I am used to so I am even more excited to crack it open, and give it a try.

  Related image

Again, this is another one that everyone seems to be raving about. Warcross by Marie Lu, to me, seems like a YA version of Ready Player One, which I loved quite a bit this year. I am anxious to see what this has in store, and to eventually explore Marie Lu’s other books.

Image result for artemis book

Ahhhh! Does it matter that I have not read The Martian by Andy Weir first? I imagine it does not, since I don’t believe the characters intersect (I have the same question about Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman- can I read that first, if I have not read Practical Magic?) so I grabbed it off the new shelf immediately. Again, this is outside my typical realm of interest reading, but it seems to be super popular among bloggers, and not too technical where I would fall asleep (one of the reasons I won’t read Dan Brown or the Jurassic Park books). I am absolutely kicking myself right now for not adding this to my Book Of the Month for November… so if I like it, I may be adding it in the future- I do like to own books that I enjoy.

Image result for uncommon type

I preordered this as soon as I heard about it. I did however request the audiobook version from the library because, why wouldn’t you LISTEN to a book written by Tom Hanks when he reads it to you? However, this may be placed back on my TBR for a little bit. I am under the impression that someone is getting me the audiobook for Christmas this year, so I can probably attack something else in the meantime.

Image result for all the light we cannot see

Now, I did NOT get this from the library (hence the plus in the title of this post). My brother’s girlfriend works for Simon and Schuster, and I suppose for the holiday, they allowed their employees to order up to 4 books for no charge. Being that I am the huge book collector that I am, she thought of me, and allowed me to use up one of her free orders for myself! I selected All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, because regardless of whether I end up liking it or not, it was was a Pulitzer Prize winner, and it might be nice to have it on my shelf in the future.

Image result for page dividers


That certainly does not look as bad as it does on my desk, but they are kept company by my unread BOTM selections like Little Fires Everywhere, The Child, Rules of Magic and the Identicals (among a dozen others who have moved from the desk to my bookshelf without being read).

I am actually thinking about going off schedule in order to get some of these library books read. I am currently in the middle of my YA selection, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han, which means adult fiction is up next. I was going to start Rules of Magic, but maybe I will knock out a few of these other YA books first (I always read these so much faster than my adult fiction).

What do you guys think? Have you read any of these? Do you have any suggestions (about what to read first, or whether I can read Artemis or Rules of Magic without reading the Martian or Practical Magic first)?

Lets chat in the comments!