Yet Another Book Haul (August 2018)

You read that correctly! I am here with you today with yet another book haul. In all actuality, the majority of this haul were preorders that finally came in this month, plus one giveaway win, but it was still enough books to share with you as a collection (they weren't all pre-orders..I just tell myself [...]


Pre-Order Book Haul

Hey guys! So as you are probably gathering by now, I clearly have no chill when it comes to purchasing books. I can't even put myself on a book buying ban because, well, they just don't work for me. Naturally though, that means I am coming to you today with yet another Book Haul! This [...]

Mini Book Haul

So my boyfriend came home for the weekend this weekend, and asked me if I wanted to visit Barnes and Noble with him! Apparently he has been thinking about getting back into photography, which is fantastic for him, but even better for me because he wanted to go to the bookstore. Let me just tell [...]

Pre-Order Book Haul

Hello lovelies. I recently got some discouraging news and so naturally in order to perk my spirits back up, I decided to treat myself to a pre-order (mini) shopping spree! I pre-ordered a total of three books (and flat out bought one other one), while also starting a decent sized wish list on Book Depository. [...]

Library (plus) Book Haul

Hey y'all! So I have been trying to be good about not buying anymore books (at least for a little while). I am already a subscriber to Book of the Month, so in the very least, I get one new (hardcover) book a month, which, if you ask my bookshelf, is more than I need. [...]