Amazon’s “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” Tag

How many books have you read from Amazon’s list of 100 Books to read in a lifetime?

How to Play:

  1. Include the link to Amazon’s List
  2. Tag the creator of the meme (Perfectly Tolerable)
  3. Tag and thank the Person that tagged you
  4. Copy the list below and indicate which ones you have read
  5. Tally up your total
  6. Comment on the post you were tagged in and let them know how many you read
  7. Tag 5 new people! (And comment on one of their posts to let them know you tagged them)

Thank you to Perfectly Tolerable for tagging me in this interesting survey! She is pretty awesome, so you should check out her page! I especially like that she features some children’s books on it from time to time :]

Disclaimer: All Amazon Links are affiliate links. If you purchase any of these books through one of these links I (Perfectly Tolerable) will get a small commission! All the thoughts/opinions in this post are mine and in no way influenced by Amazon.
Title Author Read?
1984 George Orwell Yes
A Brief History of Time Stephen Hawking
A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius Dave Eggers
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier Ishmael Beah
The Bad Beginning Lemony Snicket Yes
A Wrinkle in Time Madeleine L’Engle
Selected Stories, 1968-1994 Alice Munro
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Lewis Carroll
All the President’s Men Bob Woodward
Angela’s Ashes: A Memoir Frank McCourt
Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. Judy Blume  Yes
Bel Canto Ann Patchett
Beloved Toni Morrison
Born to Run Christopher McDougall
Breath, Eyes, Memory Edwidge Danticat
Catch-22 Joseph Heller
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Roald Dahl Yes
Charlotte’s Web E. B White Yes
Cutting for Stone Abraham Verghese
Daring Greatly Brené Brown
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney  Yes
Dune Frank Herbert
Fahrenheit 451 Ray Bradbury
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Hunter S. Thompson
Gone Girl Gillian Flynn  Yes
Goodnight Moon Margaret Wise Brow Yes
Great Expectations Charles Dickens  Yes
Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared Diamond Ph.D.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone J.K. Rowling Yes
In Cold Blood Truman Capote
Interpreter of Maladies Jhumpa Lahiri
Invisible Man Ralph Ellison
Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth Chris Ware
Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain
Life After Life Kate Atkinson
Little House on the Prairie Laura Ingalls Wilder
Lolita Vladimir Nabokov
Love in the Time of Cholera Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Love Medicine Louise Erdrich
Man’s Search for Meaning Viktor E. Frankl
Me Talk Pretty One Day David Sedaris
Middlesex Jeffrey Eugenides
Midnight’s Children Salman Rushdie
Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game Michael Lewis
Of Human Bondage W. Somerset Maugham
On the Road Jack Kerouac
Out of Africa Isak Dinesen
Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood Marjane Satrapi
Portnoy’s Complaint Philip Roth
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
Silent Spring Rachel Carson
Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut
Team of Rivals Doris Kearns Goodwin
The Age of Innocence Edith Wharton
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay Michael Chabon
The Autobiography of Malcolm X Malcolm X
The Book Thief Markus Zusak
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Junot Díaz
The Catcher in the Rye J. D. Salinger
The Color of Water James McBride
The Corrections Jonathan Franzen
The Devil in the White City Erik Larson
The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank
The Fault in Our Stars John Green Yes
The Giver Lois Lowry Yes
The Golden Compass Philip Pullman
The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald Yes
The Handmaid’s Tale Margaret Atwood
The House at Pooh Corner A. Milne
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins Yes
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Rebecca Skloot
The Liars’ Club Mary Karr
The Lightning Thief Rick Riordan Yes
The Little Prince Houghton Mifflin
The Long Goodbye Raymond Chandler
The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the Road to 9/11 Lawrence Wright
The Lord of the Rings J.R.R. Tolkien
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat Oliver Sacks
The Omnivore’s Dilemma Michael Pollan
The Phantom Tollbooth Norton Juster
The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver
The Power Broker Robert A. Caro
The Right Stuff Tom Wolfe
The Road Cormac McCarthy
The Secret History Donna Tartt
The Shining Stephen King
The Stranger Albert Camus
The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway
The Things They Carried Tim O’Brien  Yes
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Eric Carle Yes
The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami
The World According to Garp John Irving
The Year of Magical Thinking Joan Didion
Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe
To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee Yes
Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand
Valley of the Dolls Jacqueline Susann
Where the Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein Yes
Where the Wild Things Are Maurice Sendak Yes

I have only read 20 of the 100 suggested books.  Wow, I was actually thinking this might be much higher than it is. Interesting how things work out like that. It was an odd list, if I am being honest though. I feel like I haven’t even heard of some of these books!


I must now tag at least 5 people to participate and fill in this survey as well:

By Hook or By Book

A Reader’s Journey


Beware the Reader

The Orangutan Librarian


Book Blogger Test Tag

Hey guys! I saw this tag posted by Dani @ Mousai Books. Dani has posted some awesome stuff, so if you have a second, deff pop over to her page and check it out!

This looks like it should be a rather short and sweet tag…

But first: the rules.

  • thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  • answer the ten questions asked on this post
  • nominate at least five people to do it also

Alright, lets get to it, shall we?

1. Top 3 Book Pet Hates

  1. I really dislike when people dog-ear/fold pages in books. It is one of my biggest bookish pet peeves. It is also one of the reasons I am somewhat reluctant to shop at second hand stores. On one hand, all that history (not to mention much nicer for my wallet), but on the other, I could come across gems that are ruined by folded pages or even worse, highlighters( DUN DUN DUN)…Now don’t get that confused with writing. I actually don’t mind writing in books as much, especially if the books are second hand, mostly due to the fact that it adds texture and “history” to the physical book. But I am getting off topic here, lets continue.
  2. I also kinda hate when people break the binding on their books. You absolutely better not be breaking the binding on MY books, that is for sure! Its just one of those things. I know you need to bend it to read it, and it isn’t like I expect you to never open a new book ever, but I just personally prefer for my books to have no creases in the binding.
  3. Now this one might be unique to me, but (as you may know) I am a librarian. So one of my biggest peeves that has to do with books is when I walk into a public space displaying books, and the books are all falling over or the shelves are in disarray/a mess. I like for all books to be neat and standing within their book ends. It absolutely makes my skin crawl to look at a shelf that books are loosely stacked on, or are completely disorganized. But again, that could just be unique to me.

2. Perfect Reading Spot

My perfect reading spot is well lit and quiet. I can listen to light (wordless) music occasionally, but I would prefer the space to be as close to quiet as possible. I also need to be comfortable. It doesn’t matter the type of furniture, whether it is a couch, chair, bed, etc., as long as it is comfortable and within the reading light.


3. 3 Book Confessions

  1. I use books to escape my negative thoughts. If I don’t like a situation I am in, or have some particularly bad thoughts about something, I read. I read to the point that I am almost removed from society. Spending hours and hours neglecting myself, my chores and my dog, in order to stay immersed in a story.
  2. I DO judge books by their cover *SHOCK* I mean it is the first thing that draws me to a book! If I am drawn to the cover, I will feel compelled to pick it up and at least read the description. Cover art is super important to me. If I like the cover of the book I am reading, I am more likely to flash it around and have it out for others to see.
  3. I am a book sniffer. I will admit it. I LOVE the smell of books. It is almost always the very first thing I do when I pick a book up, whether it is in the store, brand new out of the box, or already on my bookshelf. If I pick it up, I am sniffing the pages.Image result for book sniffing GIF

4. Last Time You Cried Reading a Book

It is really hard for me to remember actually. But I can say for sure that I cried reading The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys, so my guess would be during one of those two.

Related image

5. Number of Books on Your Bedside Table

Now, I am not going to take your question literally. I do not have any books at the moment on my “bedside table” HOWEVER, I do have at least 10 books sitting on my desk, which is my “next up” pile…so…

They include: Warcross, Artemis, The Leaving, Rules of Magic, Little Fires Everywhere, Uncommon Type, The Child, The Identicals, and When Dimple Met Rishi (I could be forgetting a few, I am away from that table at the moment).

Image result for book sniffing GIF

6. Favorite Reading Snack

I try not to eat while I am reading because you know, mess. But ideally, if I were to be snacking at the time of reading, it would have to be something easy to pop into my mouth one handed, and obviously, would not be messy (that means no cheese doodles). Teddy Grahams maybe? Or some grapes?


7. 3 Books You’d Recommend to Anyone

  1. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  2. Harry Potter by JK Rowling
  3. Wonder by RJ Palacio

Image result for the hate you give Image result for harry potter book Image result for wonder

8. A Picture of Your Favorite Bookshelf

Related image


A good bookshelf is neat, but has character. What I mean by that is filling in little spaces with cute nick knacks. I don’t necessarily think that books have to all be going the same way, but they should be neatly stacked, whichever way they go.


9. How Much Books Mean to You (in 3 words)

Escape from reality.


10. Biggest Reading Secret

I have not read many “classics.” You know, the ones everyone has read in high school, or at least at some point in their lifetime. For some reason, I read next to nothing in high school that can be considered “classic” except for Shakespeare. And *GASP* I hate Shakespeare.
*Note- I did read SOME classics, like The Color Purple, The Crucible, Streetcar Named Desire, the Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Flies, Great Expectations, The Odyssey, A Christmas Carol, 1984; but that is about it, and some of those I read on my own time, not in school. I am currently trying to push myself through Pride and Prejudice but I am finding it very difficult…

Image result for shrug GIF


Image result for page divider


This was fun! If you are looking for a fairly short, non-book heavy tag, this is certainly one to try! Let me know what you think in the comments, or if you have completed your own Book Blogger “Test.”

Reader Confession Tag

I am starting to understand why people fall behind on book tags! I have been saving a bunch of them as drafts and am only now getting to them!

I saw this particular tag on Diary of a Bookfiend. Check out her page because it is super cute and wonderful!

Image result for here we go GIF

  • Have you ever damaged a book?

I am almost positive that at some point or another, I have damaged at least one book. It is completely unavoidable- and if you really want to get technical, me being a librarian, some people think that I damage books all the time by putting stickers on them. So while it kills me a littler bit to even think about possibly damaging a book, it has been done, and probably will happen again [SORRY!]

oooh! I just thought of a way in which I personally damaged a book. I made a book pumpkin centerpiece at my library for Halloween. You can see it displayed in the photo I took for my November BOTM (and right here)



  • Have you ever damaged a borrowed book?

That I can say with confidence I have NOT done. My own books are so precious to me that I would expect anyone I lend them to would treat them as such. Therefore, I try to follow those standards for other people’s books.


  • How long does it take you to read a book?

I am such a slow reader. On average, it takes me a few weeks to get through a book. Children’s and YA I can usually get through within a week, but adult novels take much longer for me. They are so much more dense that I drag my feet most of the time, even when I am really enjoying it.


  • What are you currently reading?

Image result for always and forever lara jean

Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han. I am excited to finish this series, mostly because it is the first series I have completed in a really long time. I am reading through them so quickly that instead of posting about each book, I have written out my responses to the first two, and queued up my response to this one, so they will all be posted together as a Review/Talk about the SERIES. So keep your eyes peeled for that!


  • Books that you haven’t finished?
    There are quite a few I am sure, but these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head:

Image result for artemis fowl Image result for before the fall Image result for eragon

and currently…

Image result for pride and prejudice book

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer and Eragon by Christopher Paolini are two books from when I was a kid that I never managed to finish. Both of them I would like to one day get to them, but for now, they just stare at me from the library bookshelf.

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley was a book I started during some break and didn’t finish before classes started back up again. It stayed on my Goodreads currently reading shelf for a least a year before I decided to retire it. One day I will go back to it, but it doesn’t look to promising right now. I also had a Walt Disney biography that I was pouring over for the longest time. I literally read 50% of it and never returned. That stayed on my currently reading list for over a year before I removed it. It is sitting on my book shelf (next to two other Disney bios) at my parents house.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. I started reading this through the app Serial Reader. It is a (mostly) free app that sends you “readable” issues of classic literature everyday so you can slowly work your way through the classics. I was doing SO WELL, and then I just got so distracted by other things that I stopped checking the app. They sent me all my issues for it, but truthfully I only got a little less than 50% of the way through. Maybe I’ll just watch the movie…



  • Hyped/ Popular books you didn’t like?

Image result for turtles all the way down Image result for manhattan beach book

There have been a lot of books that were hyped at the time and I just did not follow, but these two are the freshest in my mind since I read them this year.

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green and Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan.

No one can deny how talented John Green is. His writing, his style, the way in which he wrapped us up in the character’s mental illness, all of which are unmatched. This just was not a home run for me. I just did not enjoy it the way I anticipated to. I know it is an unpopular opinion but so be it. Now for Manhattan Beach, I had never read her writing before so I did not know what to expect. I could have easily gotten lost in the world that Egan created, it was mesmerizing, however, the story just fell flat for me. It was hard to finish and ultimately I was unsatisfied at the end. I wanted it to be better than it was.

You can see what I really thought about each of these books in my previous posts:

Turtles & Manhattan.


  • Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone you were reading?

The Fifty Shades trilogy or the Twilight books. I won’t even put their pictures here! I read the FS trilogy when it first came out, and kind of kept that fact to myself for the longest time. I don’t usually willingly advertise that I have read them, only when asked do I respond. Twilight I LOVED when it was first published. I remember waiting for each book to come out! It wasn’t as huge when I was reading them, but by the time Breaking Dawn was published, the movies were in the works and that is when I became embarrassed to be seen holding them. I still read all four, but ended up HATING Breaking Dawn because of all the hype around the series. It became bigger than it was, and I saw it from another light. I was never able to unsee it from this angle, so I still hate both the books and movies to this day.


  • How many books do you own?

That is virtually impossible to answer at this given time. When I finally move into a house and put my library together, I plan on going through all my books. Hopefully then I will have a better idea how many I actually have. For now I will ball park it at least 150-200.


  • Are you a fast reader or a slow reader?

I am absolutely a slow reader. There are so many things distracting me day to day that it is hard for me to get some quiet time to actually read anything.


  • Do you like to buddy read?

I like the IDEA of buddy reading. I have tried for years to come up with impromptu book clubs with my friends and it never seems to work out. Plus I don’t read well under a schedule. I am very much a mood reader and if I am just not it in the mood, it doesn’t get read. End of story. So while I love the idea of it, right now it is just not practical for me.


  • Do you read better in your head or out loud?
    In my head. I rarely read books out loud.


  • If you were only allowed to own one book, what would it be and why?
    This is just cruel. But if I had OWN only one book, it would be something Harry Potter related. Whether it is a companion to the books/movies or one of the original books, I would be happy to have that with me at all times (just don’t let it be Order of the Phoenix)


Image result for tagging

I know this is a bit older, and unlike awards, I don’t necessarily believe that you have to be tagged in order to do a book tag. So if you thought this was fun, and you haven’t done it yet, YOU’RE IT!

Thanksgiving Book Tag

It’s the Thanksgiving Book Tag (two days late!) I had full intentions on doing/posting this the other day but that just did not happen. If I were more clever, I would have filled this out previously and SCHEDULED it to be posted on Thanksgiving, but alas, that is not what I did, and here we are. I got this tag from Jessica over at The Awkward Book Blogger, so thank you so so much! I LOVE themed book tags- they are becoming one of my favorite things to post! Anyway, please please go over to Jessica’s page. It is super awesome, and full of great posts.


Now without further ado…

Image result for happy thanksgiving


1. Bread- What book is purely fluff, and has no real plot line?

Related image

If this book had a plot, I don’t remember it. This was another one that I needed to be more than it was, but fell short. It is about a bunch of old college friends getting together as per the last request of a dead member of the group. They all lead completely different lives, are fractured in their own lives, and chaos ensues. It was supposed to (at least to me) analyze college relationships after college. Sadly, things don’t always work out the way we planned, and that is life.

2. Turkey- What book made you want to fall asleep?

Image result for pride and prejudice book

I am still trying to work my way through this. I thought that I might be able to push through but the language just is not my cup of tea. Sorry Jane Austen (and classic fans). I don’t know if this would be an unpopular opinion or not, but I almost wish I read this in school, where we had to analyze it piece by piece, to get the “deeper” meaning. Maybe I would be getting more out of it. Who knows.

3. Gravy- What book makes the whole series worth reading?

Related image

Say what you want about Mockingjay, but after reading the first two books in this series, it was worth enduring some of the least popular parts, just to tie up an ending for these characters. This book was very unique at the time, and it still is one of my favorites. I think that it is absolute worth reading the rest of the series if you liked this one.

4. Stuffing- What book is stuffed full of action scenes?

Image result for harry potter deathly hallows

I haven’t read a whole lot of “action packed” books- none that I can recall right now anyway. So I guess I will have to go with a fallback, Harry Potter. These series really has everything, and therefore can be used for almost any question. Anyway, the last Harry Potter book has quite a bit of fight scenes in it, especially towards the end. The Battle at Hogwarts is truly spectacular and should not be overlooked.

5. Mashed Potatoes- What book looked good, and then wasn’t?

Image result for manhattan beach book

I am still upset that this wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. It has such promise and just fell completely short for me (and a dozen others from my observations). I mean, how can you mess up? It had World War Two era New York City, a woman diver, gangsters, and a whole lot of questions/lies. It also helps that it is super fresh in my mind still and that is why I picked this one.

6. Cranberries- What book has the sweetest romance?

Image result for the longest ride book

Aye, I guess I haven’t read a really good love story in a while. This was the first and only (ish) one I could think of right now. I feel like all the “love stories” I have read recently just weren’t anything more than average…here’s to hoping that will change soon. I could certainly use a good love story.

7. Corn- What’s the corniest book you’ve ever read?

Related image

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book when I read it. It was exactly what I needed at that time. Modern “dating” is so different, and WEIRD, that it was in a way kind of fresh to see it laid out like it would be in real life right now. However, the plot, the conversations between friends (and each other), super cheesy, which is why it probably would have made a really good rom com.

8. Green beans- What book is too long and needs to be shortened?

Image result for under the dome book

Honestly, anything by Stephen King. I think that he is a genius, and crafts a really great and interesting stories, but some of the details he puts into his books are just completely unnecessary. I’ve only read one of his books, and while I liked it a lot, looking at other ones by him is way too intimidating, especially because I know I do not have the time to devote to such a big undertaking. I glazed over quite a bit, just to get through Under the Dome, and just would not look forward to reading another one by him.

9. Pumpkin Pie- What book do you read to get out of a reading slump?

I don’t read anything specifically right now, but it might be a good idea to try that in the future. Sometimes it is as simple as picking up a new book, even if I am enjoying the one I am “stuck on.” But I could see rereading Harry Potter every time I got into a slump. Maybe I will try that next time.

10. Dog/Cat- What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food that you would steal from the table?

I am all about the stuffing and yams. Truthfully, that is what I mainly eat during the dinner. I never really eat all that much turkey, and I will have a little bit of everything on the table but when I go for seconds, it is only ever those two (and maybe a dinner roll) that I reach for.


Thanks everyone for not judging me for posting a Thanksgiving tag two days late… I swear I will get better at this one day!

Blogger’s Choice Awards (tag)

Welcome all book lovers! I saw this screenshot on Touch My Spine Book Reviews’ blog and it got me thinking, why the hell don’t we have a huge hyped up, book-related awards show?!?! I mean we have the Goodreads Choice Awards, which is awesome, but what if we also had a Blogger’s Choice Awards?

What if I created a tag that allowed you to give out awards to your favorites of the year? I am still fairly new to the blogging community so I am sure there already is a few tags similar to this but still, we could always use another tag right?!? I would just need to determine if the awards would be limited to books that ONLY came out in 2017, or if they are completely based on what you personally read this year (I am leaning more towards the latter).

Related image

Since we still have books coming out in December, and I am an inclusive person, the announcement of winners could be in January or February of 2018, instead of rushing to get it done in December.


Obviously we will have categories for the following:

Best Male Character

Best Female Character

Best (overall) Character

Best Antagonist

Best Plot Development

Best Plot Twist

(all mentioned above) plus…

Most Hyped

Best Sequel/Series Continuation

Author of the Year

Book of the Year

Biggest Letdown

Debut Author of the Year

Best Secondary Character

Best Book to Movie Adaption

Cliffhanger’s Award

Best Fiction

Best Nonfiction

Best Stand Alone Book

Best “Visual”

And since I have been working on reading more Children’s and Ya books…

Best Children’s Lit

Best in YA

Related image

What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions for more categories? Anything I may have missed? PLEASE COMMENT below!








Reread, Rewrite, Burn- Tag [Day 2]

Reread,Rewrite,Burn (1)

I saw, and started this “tag” yesterday. It was so much fun, but awfully long,  so I broke it up into two posts. This is Day 2.

Kristin Kraves Books did this tag, which she saw on booktube (Emily Fox) and it looked like some serious fun! I just HAD to try it out, especially with the end of the year coming up. This actually might be a fun tag to do with all your reads at the end of the year (for me; for all you speed readers, this might be fun every quarter of the year, just to really get an idea of how you felt so far). So THANKS Kristin, for yet another distraction :]

For this tag I will be using books that I have read in 2017.


  • Randomly choose 3 books
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread (like Marry, Boff, Kill).
  • Repeat until you completed three rounds (or six) (or however many you want to do).

Related image


Round One, Day 2;

Image result for talking as fast as i can   Image result for the couple next door   Image result for frankie landau banks

Reread: Lauren Graham is just adorable. She will always only be Lorelei to me, but that is completely okay. Talking as Fast as I Can just felt like an extension of Lorelei, or a far fetched couple of stories she would tell to anyone who was listening. I went through this pretty quickly and wouldn’t mind re-reading it, but I suppose that is why I bought it instead of just borrowing it at the library.

Rewrite: I wanted The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks to be better than it was. I LOVE the idea of a woman infiltrating and fooling a “gentlemen’s club” but I felt like it could have been done a little better. The foundation and the bones of a good story are there, if it were tweaked a bit, it would be perfect.

Burn: The Couple Next Door was not all that interesting to me. I read it pretty quickly, but did not feel all that attached or interested in any of the characters.


Round Two;

Image result for the sun is also a star   Image result for when you reach me   Image result for graveyard shakes

Reread: This is a hard one! I actually liked all three of these. If I had to choose, I would probably pick The Sun is Also a Star. I liked this book, much more that her other one. It had its flaws but I don’t think I would mind rereading this.

Rewrite: I really liked When You Reach Me. I might want to change just a couple of things but overall, I think this was a pretty interesting book.

Burn: Aw man, I really liked Graveyard Shakes. I actually just finished it yesterday. I suppose it could just be one of those books that you pick up, like and then don’t read again. This was a good set of three. Hard to pick between them.


Round Three;

Image result for Behind her eyes   Image result for 1984   Image result for edward tulane

Reread: I really loved The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I can see myself reading this aloud to my kids, and that is a huge drive to keep it in this spot.

Rewrite: AHHHH I really loved Behind Her Eyes. I thought it was fairly original, and interesting. Maybe I would change just a couple of things? But otherwise that is right up there with some of my favorites for the year. Just a really great suspense/thriller to run alongside The Girl on the Train and others.

Burn: This makes me sad. 1984 is obviously a classic. Granted, I skipped over a bit of this book, and found some parts to be dreadfully boring. BUT it is a classic for a reason, and in current times, it certainly leaves you feeling somewhat eerie. Another set where it was just too hard to decide among the three.


Round Four;

Image result for I work in a public library   Image result for march book 1   Image result for Nerd camp

Reread: I Work at a Public Library gives me life. It is literally things that I deal with on a daily basis that many people do not understand or expect. I would love to own a copy of this, just as a reminder of why I do what I do or even just to make me laugh at the ridiculous situations I am faced with daily.

Rewrite: I don’t know that I would actually rewrite March Book 1, but, I think I would really enjoy to see this turned into a young adult novel series. It could include the art from the graphic novels, but accompany it with a little more depth. I would totally read that.

Burn: Again, Nerd Camp may not deserve to “burn” per say, but I don’t think I will be revisiting this at any time. It was a fluffy read that served the purpose of trying out my library’s ebook collection. Cute but I can live without it.


Round Five;

Image result for ghost world   Image result for Genevieve's war   Image result for Forever or a long long time

Reread: I love a good historical fiction. Genevieve’s War is a newer children’s historical fiction that I actually really enjoyed. It is a quick read, and I recommend it to anyone in a slump, that needs something quick and easy, but with some substance.

Rewrite: For the most part, I also really enjoyed Forever or a Long Long Time. There were parts I might alter a little bit, but otherwise this book was another pretty good, newer fiction in children’s literature.

Burn: HATE. I really really disliked this book. I know that Ghost World has a movie counterpart that is supposed to be pretty decent but I just really did not like that characters or the story behind this graphic novel. Not something I would revisit (though I MAY be swayed into trying out the movie).


Round Six;

Image result for everything everything  Image result for pax cover Image result for into the water Image result for perfect little world

Reread: I was so anxious to read Into the Water, that I feel as if I may have missed a lot of the story. I think I would like to revisit it, now that the hype has died down, and really get lost within this little eerie town.

Rewrite: I don’t know, I think it would be awesome to read Pax as a graphic novel (drawn by Jon Klassen obviously). It was such a great book, but I definitely would have liked to have more illustrations by the wonderful Klassen, I think it would have really projected this story to another level.

I also think that with a little altering Perfect Little World would have fulfilled my expectations. The idea itself is extremely interesting. It is what drew into reading it so quickly. But I certainly would look into fleshing it out a little differently, in order to better explore this unique plot.

Burn: Sorry but I really did not like Everything Everything. I was completely shocked by the ending, but something about this book did not sit well with me. I think that Yoon did a much better job with The Sun is Also a Star. But that is just my unpopular opinion

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And that’s all she wrote! I know it is only November, and I am sure that I will finish several more books before the end of the year, but I can save those for my end of the year wrap up. And anyway, this was too fun to hold back until the end of the year. Although, looking back, it was a fairly long post, I could have broken it up better but alas, you live and learn.

Have you read any of these books? What do you think of my choices? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Reread, Rewrite, Burn- Tag [Day 1]

Reread,Rewrite,Burn (1)Kristin Kraves Books did this tag, which she saw on booktube (Emily Fox) and it looked like some serious fun! I just HAD to try it out, especially with the end of the year coming up. This actually might be a fun tag to do with all your reads at the end of the year (for me; for all you speed readers, this might be fun every quarter of the year, just to really get an idea of how you felt so far). So THANKS Kristin, for yet another distraction :]

For this tag I will be using books that I have read in 2017. 


  • Randomly choose 3 books
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread (like Marry, Boff, Kill).
  • Repeat until you completed three rounds (or six) (or however many you want to do).

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Round One;

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Reread: Easy, The Hate U Give. This book (I think it is safe to say) is my favorite of the year. It was so beautifully written, and really did such an amazing job of putting you in someone else’s shoes. I have said it since finishing this book, and will continue to tell people, this HAS to be read by EVERYONE. Especially right now. It is so very important, and will always be important. It should be read often, even just to humble you a little bit. Just perfection.

Rewrite: Ready Play One, I really really loved this book, and that surprised me a bit. I guess growing watching my brothers play countless video games really gave me an appreciation for that world and their fans. There were some parts that I glazed over because it got a little too fanboy-ish. I suppose I would rewrite those parts to make it a little more relate-able, or just delete them.

Burn: It actually pains me to say this but March book 2. This was also such a powerful book, and it kills me to have it in the burn section of this round, but I just liked it a little less than the other two. It was unfortunate it had to go up against two of my favorite books this year, but some things just aren’t fair. I am sorry John Lewis, I hope your other two books fair a little better than this one did.


Round Two;

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Reread: I almost want to put Truly Madly Guilty here, because I had such a severe book hangover after The Hate U Give, that maybe I didn’t give it a fair shot. However I think instead I will pick Halfway Normal. With a book that covers a topic that is so relevant to the world we live in today, I think it is worth keeping around, even just as a refresher.

Rewrite: This one will have to go to Esperanza Rising. Obviously this is a classic, and a really wonderful book, but there were some parts that I would not mind rewriting. I actually thought that the ending could have had more closure. The ending was left too open, and didn’t really satisfy me, so I would probably push just a bit farther to really tie up the characters.

Burn: Sorry, but Truly Madly Guilty is on the chopping block tonight. I know many people really enjoyed this and I just never got why. I mean, it could just be that I didn’t give it a fair read because it directly followed The Hate U Give, but I don’t know, I wasn’t impressed by this one. It was such a disappointment because I LOVED Big Little Lies and What Alice Forgot. I hope some of her other books make it into the rotation, and that this one was just a fluke.


Round Three;

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Reread: This is a tough one, but I am going to have to go with Salt to the Sea. Wow. This book was so gruesome and honest and just, it really made me feel like I was living alongside these characters. My heart ached for those who were lost. I felt a serious sense of desperation, every time I opened this book. It was just so good (and terrible) that it is worth several rereads.

Rewrite: Who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna? They are America’s sweethearts right now. Wholesome, talented, humble. Just the whole package. I picked The Magnolia Story, for the rewrite because I feel like you can only read someone’s life story so many times before it is memorized. I would instead include maybe excerpts from the kids (that would be adorable) or even write in different stories that didn’t originally make the cut. I would keep adding to the book, so that it was new and fresh every time I wanted to visit Chip and Joanna.

Burn: SORRY! Please don’t hate me, or burn me alongside this choice! I picked Turtles All the Way Down for this because I just did not enjoy it as much as some of his other books. I respect him as a writer, and I definitely respect what he did with this book, and how perfectly he portrayed what a mental illness looks like from the inside, but I just could not find it in me to defend it enough to keep it around next to these two books. Sorry John Green fans.


Round Four;

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Reread: Hooray for John Lewis! This one was a no-brainer. March Book 3 is exactly where it deserves to be. The conclusion of John Lewis’s re-telling of events that happened during the Civil Rights period of our history. While we may be fighting, what feels like similar battles today, we certainly have come far, especially in comparison to these graphic novels. Everyone knows MLK Jr. and Malcolm X, so it was interesting to be on the ground floor of this movement, and still have people whom you may never have known were involved.

Rewrite: The Mysterious Benedict Society. I really enjoyed this book! But there were some parts that felt a little dragged out, and that went on for a bit too long. It is part of the reason I have not picked up any of the other books in the series. So maybe I would edit out some of those passages.

Burn: Yikes. I picked Nerd Camp 2.0 up after finishing the first one (Nerd Camp). The first book was a complete surprise. I was playing around with the ebooks available through the library, and checked it out as a test run. I read it quickly and actually enjoyed it quite a bit! When I finished this one, I was not nearly as impressed. I knew going into Nerd Camp that it would be one of those “light and fluffy” reads, but when I enjoyed it, I guess I forgot to apply that same mentality to it’s sequel. Nerd Camp 2.0 was exactly what I had expected the first one to be. So sorry but, its curtains for you!


Round Five;

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Reread: Surprisingly, I would have to pick Nest for this one. I read this a little closer to the beginning of the year, but cannot really remember it. I know I liked it though (such says my Goodreads rating) so I would want to revisit this. 

Rewrite: For this one I have to go with In Twenty Years. I wanted this to be so much more. I was desperate for that connection to my college friends. Few writers (that I have come across) have properly translated the need to reconnect with college life/friends in a satisfying way. This book was not an exception. I would rewrite so much of this book, in order to better mold it to what I wanted (and needed) it to be when I read it originally. 

Burn: Sorry Sunny, this was just one of those books that you read one time, enjoy, but don’t every really look back on. It’s nothing personal of course. Just a book that I enjoyed, but wouldn’t pick up again. 


Round Six;

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Reread: This one was fairly easy actually. Fever 1793 was such an eye-opening read. Much like Salt to the Sea, it was honest and brutal, and had me worried about the characters as if I were right there alongside them. It paints a picture of what life was like at that time, something that could help those studying it. 

Rewrite: I wanted Final Girls to be so much better. I just needed more suspense, and a more creepy vibe I guess. It was alright, but I have certainly read better. 

Burn: Sorry not sorry. I really did not like We Were Never Here and have no remorse for placing it in the burn pile.


Sheesh! Calculating the books I’ve read so far, and putting them into groups of 3 would leave me with 12 (and a little more) rounds.. so maybe I will break this tag up into two separate posts, so that they are not overwhelmingly long.

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I hope this was as much fun to read as it was to do! The last six (or so) rounds will be posted tomorrow. Have you read any of these books? Do you agree/disagree with any of my assignments? Let me know in the comments!