Blogger’s Choice Awards (tag)

Welcome all book lovers! I saw this screenshot on Touch My Spine Book Reviews’ blog and it got me thinking, why the hell don’t we have a huge hyped up, book-related awards show?!?! I mean we have the Goodreads Choice Awards, which is awesome, but what if we also had a Blogger’s Choice Awards?

What if I created a tag that allowed you to give out awards to your favorites of the year? I am still fairly new to the blogging community so I am sure there already is a few tags similar to this but still, we could always use another tag right?!? I would just need to determine if the awards would be limited to books that ONLY came out in 2017, or if they are completely based on what you personally read this year (I am leaning more towards the latter).

Related image

Since we still have books coming out in December, and I am an inclusive person, the announcement of winners could be in January or February of 2018, instead of rushing to get it done in December.


Obviously we will have categories for the following:

Best Male Character

Best Female Character

Best (overall) Character

Best Antagonist

Best Plot Development

Best Plot Twist

(all mentioned above) plus…

Most Hyped

Best Sequel/Series Continuation

Author of the Year

Book of the Year

Biggest Letdown

Debut Author of the Year

Best Secondary Character

Best Book to Movie Adaption

Cliffhanger’s Award

Best Fiction

Best Nonfiction

Best Stand Alone Book

Best “Visual”

And since I have been working on reading more Children’s and Ya books…

Best Children’s Lit

Best in YA

Related image

What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions for more categories? Anything I may have missed? PLEASE COMMENT below!








15 thoughts on “Blogger’s Choice Awards (tag)

  1. This is a lovely idea but I think there are too many categories. Less people would want to participate if they feel it would take too much time. About ten or less categories are okay. That’s what I feel though

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